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Learn How You Can Improve SEO Ranking Immediately

SEO Audit + Image compression: Learn How You Can Improve SEO Ranking Immediately

The competition in eCommerce gets stronger every day. Merchants are always in search of effective solutions to drive more traffic to their websites. But what can handle this better than a good SEO tool? 

Aheadworks team agrees that SEO is the thing any eCommerce business should reckon with. Thereby we are happy to announce that we have expanded the possibilities of our SEO Audit + Image compression app. New features are added to improve your web store SEO performance and boost your sales: 

  • JSON-LD is added to improve your search engine ranking;
  • Watermarks can be attached to images now;
  • The integration with is added;
  • The dashboard now displays meta tags statistics for better visibility.

These features can help you enhance qualified traffic and improve store’s representation in search engine positioning. Let us tell you how it works.

What is JSON-LD and How it Impacts SEO

JSON-LD is the markup used to structure data on the web page to make it more readable for search engines. The markup improves page indexing, which may lead to search results displaying rich snippets, proven to attract more visitors to the website. 

Besides, JSON-LD is highly recommended by Google as it tells a search engine bot a little more information about the web page content, which helps it better understand when to surface it in response to a specific user query.

JSON-LD markup

JSON-LD is preferred among other structured data formats for a number of reasons:

  • It can be easily added and removed as it doesn’t affect the existing HTML structure and tags;
  • It can be loaded asynchronously, so it’s more gentle for the web page performance;
  • It can be easily reused by web developers as it follows the JSON syntax;
  • It leverages on linked data.

In this way, this light-weight data format is rewarded with better ranking in search results and attracts more users with more comprehensible and extended snippets.

How to enable JSON-LD in SEO Audit + Image compression?

To activate the JSON-LD feature, open Settings in the app's admin and turn on the JSON-LD toggle. Check the compatibility with your theme by browsing through your home and product pages.

json-ld feature in app

Watermarks and Their Role in the Website Promotion

It’s a common question “Does watermarmark affect SEO?”. And the answer is no. However, there are a number of reasons why merchants should add watermarks to their images. 

First of all, watermarks protect the copyright of your work. They reduce the possibility of unauthorized usage and serve as a signature on the piece of art.

But what is more important, watermarks can serve as a promotional tool for your online store. It can heighten brand awareness and drive more traffic to the website. With the help of Image Search potential customers find the necessary products, while watermark allows them easily identify the brand and find it quickly. With it, you can be confident that shared pictures will bring buyers directly to your website.


How to add a watermark to your images?

To create and add watermarks with SEO Audit + Image compression, go to Images from the app’s admin. There is an editor, which allows users to customize unique watermarks for the website images. Set the text or premade image, control its opacity, change the font size, define the watermark position - SEO Audit + Image compression offers a lot of options for you to achieve an ideal result. After the work is done, save the template and apply it to your images.

watermark in the app

Minor features

Along with JSON-LD and watermarks implementation, SEO Audit + Image compression has received an integration with, a customer data infrastructure platform that collects, stores and routes data from users to hundreds of tools and digital properties.

Also, with the recent update the app’s dashboard has been extended. Now you can find metadata analytics there, which allows users to control the optimization results effortlessly.

updated dashboard

Final Thoughts

To build an effective SEO strategy, you need a good tool, able to improve your ranking, speed up the page load and attract more customers. We do believe that SEO Audit + Image compression is that very tool, which will help you to achieve this goal. 

Get the visibility you need to attract shoppers during this digital era with Aheadworks and SEO Audit + Image compression!