Change Log - Gift Card

  • 1.4.8
    Released 14.06.2022
    + Compatibility with Magento 2.4.4
    * Fixed issue with module installation for Magento 2.4.4
  • 1.4.7
    Released 01.04.2022
    +Declarative schema upgrade
    *Unable to refund order with applied GC code
    *Fatal error occurs when Klarna is removed from the server
    *When sending emails, scope is not taken into account when setting 'From' field
    *Image is deleted on page 2 at admin GC configurations
    *Fixed translation strings issue
  • 1.4.6
    Released 06.08.2021
    +OSC 2.0.0 design integration
  • 1.4.5
    Released 24.06.2021
    * The value "Expiration Date" disappears after saving the gift card code
    * It's impossible to apply Gift Card code to an order when "Include tax amount into card value" is enabled
    * Exception occurs on checkout page while Klarna payment is used
    * It's impossible to place an order with PayPal if the option "Include tax amount into card value" is enabled.
    * Block name is missing in layout file
    * Timezone parsing error is fixed
  • 1.4.4
    Released 02.11.2020
    * Fixed issue with filter by 'Website'
  • 1.4.3
    Released 12.10.2020
    * Magento 2.4 compatibility issues
    * Gift code is not displayed in the order email on 'Asynchronous sending' mode
    * Fixed issue when one Gift code can be applied twice for one cart
  • 1.4.2
    Released 31.08.2020
    * Speed improvements
  • 1.4.1
    Released 20.08.2020
    + Compatibility with Magento 2.4
    * Minor design improvements
  • 1.4.0
    Released 22.05.2020
    + Uninstall script
    + GraphQL support
    + Gift Cart information is shown in invoices now
    + Gift Card details are received via order API
    * Incorrect validation of Code Length
    * Improved compatibility with Aheadworks Advanced Subscription Products
  • 1.3.0
    Released 08.01.2019
    + Codes in Code Pool follow the order of the CSV file
    + Restricted applying GC on purchase of GC
  • 1.2.9
    Released 29.08.2019
    * Fixed issue with delivery date format changing
    * Incorrect delivery date is displayed at "Edit Gift Card Code" page
  • 1.2.8
    Released 07.06.2019
    * Fixed issue with multiple currencies
    * Cronjob executing issue
    * Error appears on an attempt to import 'Gift card' product
    * The initial balance is set to match the item's base price
    * When exporting 'gift card' product, custom fields data is not export
    * Fixed issue when weight attribute disappears from every product type settings
    * Error appears when changing GC attribute scope to Global
    * Error happens on an attempt to change open amount max value in created Gift Card product
    * Fixed issue when deactivated gift card codes can be used
    * Error occurs when trying to preview Newsletter template
    * Template reference is not correct
    * Can't create GC code if "Expires After" is configured
    * Price is converted twice in template preview on Storefront
    * False message about GC code activation
    * Fixed conflict of the module with Ebizmarts Sagepay
    * Minor code improvements
  • 1.2.7
    Released 15.02.2019
    + Magento 2.3 compatibility
    * Error message appears on an attempt to add a gift cart product to cart (Magento 2.2.7 EE)
  • 1.2.6
    Released 28.05.2018
    *Fixes for Magento Marketplace
    *Multistore codes visibility issue
    *Compilation issue
  • 1.2.5
    Released 27.04.2018
    *Fixes for Magento Marketplace
  • 1.2.4
    Released 28.02.2018
    *Issue with duplicate gift cards using Sagepay payment method
    *Fixed issue with double subtraction from Gift Card balance (Sagepay payment method)
    *Fixes for Magento Marketplace
    *Magento 2.2.x: installation issue
    *Magento 2.2.2 EE: —Āompilation issue
  • 1.2.3
    Released 21.11.2017
    + One Step Checkout integration
    *Fixed issue with validation for gift product's amount
    *Unable to create a gift card product in Admin in some cases
    *Fixed issue with incorrect price of the set and open amounts
    *Discount is not displayed on the cart if the only item in the cart is a virtual gift card
    *import deactivated codes issue
    *CSV file adjustment
    *Expiration date of gift card is different on pages
  • 1.2.2
    Released 17.10.2017
    + Magento 2.2 compatibility
    * Issue with Gift Card for M2 that prevents orders being placed via PayPal Express
    * Setup:db-data:upgrade run issue
    * Invalid argument CreditMemoInterface issue
    * Shopping Cart page issue on "Magento Blank" theme
  • 1.2.1
    Released 03.08.2017
    * Unable to create Gift card product with open amount only
    * Incorrect message for gift cards purchased from backend
    * "Order Information" tab issue
    * Changed column title for importing codes in code pool
  • 1.2.0
    Released 31.07.17
    + Export gift card codes from the grid
    + Gift Cards can be applied to the orders from the backend
    + Import gift card codes
    + Gift Card code pools
    + GIft Card codes patterns
    + Adjustable gift card type
    + Enable/disable custom message fields
    * "Gift Card" tab is available for guests by direct link
    * PayPal express issue
  • 1.1.1
    Released 12.07.2017
    * Error with Virtual GC using PayPal Express payment method
    * Shipping is applied to Virtual GC
    * Flat Catalog compatibility issue
    * Datepick calendar doesn't show up in Magento 2.1.6
    * PHP syntax error: Redefinition of parameter $dateTime
  • 1.1.0
    Released 05.07.2017
    + Gift Card Delivery Date
    + Additional filter options in Gift Card code grid
    + Magento API support
    * Variables in the email template must be improved or replaced
    * Gift card code doesn't expire
    * Add a sequence tab inside the module tag
    * Gift Card Code expiration validation failed after changing locale
    * Can't add GC product to wishlist
    * Preview layout issue
    * Stability and speed improvements
    * Unit tests coverage
  • 1.0.4
    Released 12.10.2016
    * Fixed composer requirements
  • 1.0.3
    Released 02.08.2016
    * Error appears at "Backend->System->Export" page
    * Gift Card Products grid is not shown if single-store mode is enabled
    * Error shown when creating a gift-card product
    * Implement script for correct installation of the module
    * Unable to update Gift-Card product attributes via mass actions in Catalog grid
    * Unable to update expiration date for gift card code after changing Interface locale
    * Unable to select "Email Templates" and set "Amounts" when creating new product
    * Filters don't work at Admin
    * List of gift card codes is not displayed for customer
    * Unable to place order at Storefront as registered customer
    * Unexpected email sent out when order payments fails
    * Blank page is displayed if gift card is assigned to category with configurable products
    * "Open Amount Min-Max Value" fields should be hidden if "Allow Open Amount = No"
    * Redirect to "Shipping address" page if gift card code was deleted
    * Infinite loading after sorting by Type at "Gift Card Products" grid
  • 1.0.1
    Released 15.07.2016
    * Database tables with prefix issue
    * https protocol issue
  • 1.0.0
    Initial release 04.07.2016

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