Is Aheadworks store empowered with your own modules?

Is Aheadworks store empowered with your own modules?

The best example of the quality of Aheadworks extensions is our store itself. aheadWorks website is Magento based and is empowered with the following modules:

Advanced Newsletter
Subscribers segmentation. MailChimp synchronization.


Advanced Reports
Daily eCommerce activity analysis - sales, customers, countries, coupons.


AJAX Cart Pro
Must have for every Magento powered eCommerce.


Checkout Promo
Displays banners in the cart and during checkout. Improves conversion.


Coupon Code Generator
Our support team time savior whenever a coupon code needs to be issued.


Customer Purchases
Fast, one table view of customer purchases. Used by support team.


Extra Downloads
Makes extra documentation and free product available for download.


Facebook Link
New to our store? You can create an account and login to aheadWorks store using your Facebook page.


Follow Up Email
We sent follow up emails on abandoned cart and in 2 weeks after the last order. Increases conversion.


Help Desk Ultimate
The main tool of our support team. It helps us process hundreds requests per day. Whenever you are using our contact form - you are using Help Desk Ultimate.


iPhone Theme
Helps to make our store mobile device friendly and is easy to navigate.


Knowledge Base
FAQ addon for Magento. You are reading it now!


Magento Affiliate
Take your time to look how can you benifit from aheadWorks Affiliate Program.


Market Segmentation Suite
Greatly extends some extensions in this list (Checkout promo, Z-Blocks, Advanced Newsletter).


We like to keep the track of the store performance on the fly.


Points & Rewards
If a customer is going to make further purchases at our store, instead of refund we can exchange our extension that a customer no longer needs to points that can later be spent on any Aheadworks product.


Search Autocomplete and Suggest and Advanced Search
Instant and accurate product search from any page.


Ultimate SEO Suite
Improves Magento SEO.


We use it to display home page promos, banners in the left column, banners on customer account pages.