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Admin Tools

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  1. Advanced Reports Extended Pack

    Advanced Reports Extended Pack

    10 additional units for Advanced Reports extension.
    Starting At $310.00
  2. The Admin Product Grid Magento Extension

    Admin Product Grid

    Save time by editing products directly from the grid.
    Starting At $129.00
  3. Advanced Reports

    Advanced Reports

    Arrange the data to manage your business effectively and seamlessly.
    Starting At $159.00
  4. Magento Customer Attributes

    Customer Attributes

    Gather all the relevant information with customer attributes of various types.
    Starting At $99.00
  5. Market Segmentation Suite Magento Extension

    Market Segmentation Suite

    Allows you to create any number of rules that create Magento customer segments based on their traits, or even trait combinations.
    Starting At $199.00
  6. Ultimate SEO Suite -  Magento SEO Extension

    Ultimate SEO Suite

    Adds canonical links to the head of each product page, sitemap, and Google sitemap.
    Starting At $159.00
  7. Magento Customer Purchases Extension

    Customer Purchases

    Enable to obtain valuable information about customers purchases needed for marketing and analysis.
    Starting At $99.00
  8. Custom Magento  SMTP server settings  Extension

    Custom SMTP

    Send emails from custom SMTP server or localhost.
    Starting At $99.00
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To run an eCommerce website successfully every merchant needs a number of Magento admin tools to manage orders, products and customers easy, fast and fail-safe.

Whether you need to perform some mass actions (import/export orders, bulk images upload, mass product changes), get highly improved native backend functionality (orders, reports, grids, PDFs), implement age verification and IP redirect - you can solve all these and other tasks with our Magento admin extensions.

Magento administration as well as maintenance processes can always be optimized. Check the products below and find your way to improve the webstore.

Have questions? Let's talk!

What to expect from our extensions

Ahead-of-the-curve functionality

Ahead-of-the-curve functionality

We operate in an ever-evolving market and, in order to keep up with changing needs of our clients, we constantly exchange feedback with eCommerce representatives. This continuous dialogue combined with our own expertise is how we deliver functionality that actually matters.

Products to run a business, not just a store

Products to run a business, not just a store

We go beyond providing our clients with technical tools. We anticipate how these tools are going to be used and arrange the workflow in an intuitive way, allowing our clients to cut admin time and enjoy flawless backend experience.

Ahead-of-the-curve functionality

Easily customizable solutions

Mindful of the fact that specific requirements might vary per business we make an effort to maintain scalable architecture and clear readable code across all of our extensions.