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Social Networking Integration

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  1. Magento Facebook Link Extension

    Facebook Link

    Increase your brand awareness among the Facebook public and allow them easily log in at your store with their existent Facebook accounts
    Starting At $99.00
  2. Sociable - Social Media manager


    Let visitors share links to any page from your store on social networks.
    Starting At $99.00
  3. Twitter Integration

    Twitter Integration

    Provide users with one click registration and login to a Magento store using their Twitter accounts.
    Starting At $69.00
  4. Social Media Bundle

    Social Media Bundle

    Enrich customer base with an effective tool for social networks.
    Starting At $139.00
per page

Today social networking is an essential part of any online marketing and PR activities. Facebook, Pinterest, Google+ and Twitter are perfect advertising platforms that provide the most trusted testimonial for your potential customers.

To connect your Magento store with popular social network websites and let your business exploit the "word of mouth" power, we have created a number of easy to install and configure extensions.

Either you need simple bookmark and content sharing buttons, option to login with social media account or deep “Magento social networking” integration, you can find a suitable solution among our Magento social media integration software.

Use the power or viral marketing, and let your customers do the advertising for you.

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What to expect from our extensions

Ahead-of-the-curve functionality

Ahead-of-the-curve functionality

We operate in an ever-evolving market and, in order to keep up with changing needs of our clients, we constantly exchange feedback with eCommerce representatives. This continuous dialogue combined with our own expertise is how we deliver functionality that actually matters.

Products to run a business, not just a store

Products to run a business, not just a store

We go beyond providing our clients with technical tools. We anticipate how these tools are going to be used and arrange the workflow in an intuitive way, allowing our clients to cut admin time and enjoy flawless backend experience.

Ahead-of-the-curve functionality

Easily customizable solutions

Mindful of the fact that specific requirements might vary per business we make an effort to maintain scalable architecture and clear readable code across all of our extensions.