How does Magento Affiliate work?

How does Magento Affiliate work?

Magento Affiliate extension when configured properly can turn the store into a marketing center and a self-advertising business platform.


This article aims at helping in understanding basic principles of how the affiliates can work at your store. Some of the technical aspects such as managing Affiliates and Affiliate Campaigns described in the Magento Affiliate readme file.


For further convenience this article appeals to the following terms:

    Affiliate - friendly to the store company/person and a traffic source receiving commissions for the purchased made by the referrals invited;

    Referral - a potential customer who has been invited to the store by the Affiliate side. Referral generates commission for the corresponding Affiliate account by purchasing items/services that is a part of a particular affiliate campaign at the store;

    Affiliate Campaign - a set of items/services which sales are a subject to Affiliate commission payments.


First of all

Start with granting required customer's account Affiliate permissions. This can be done under Magento Affiliate > Manage Affiliates. We advice moving the customer's account to a dedicated customer group as Affiliates are assigned to campaings per customer group.

Under Magento Affiliate > Manage Affiliates it is also possible to activate/disable affiliate permissions, check the affiliate commission balance and adjust it accordingly.


The second step

Once the first affilaite account created you can proceed to creating Affilite Campaign. This can be done under Magento Affiliate > Campaigns. Add new campaign, decide if it the campaign should be available for a set period of time, apply required commission rates and assign the products that should be included in the campaign. Add specify the customer groups that will have access to this affiliate campaign (that is why you have moved the first affiliate account created to a dedicated customer group).

Note: only the products matching the campaign conditions are a subject to affiliate commission payments.



Once the campaign is set and you have assigned an affiliate to it Affiliate Program section will become available under the affiliate's account.

This section can be considered as a campaign dashboard for the affilite (refer to the image below).



Almost there

To start inviting referrals to the store one needs to generate a Tracking Link. It will be required to proceed to the particular campaing details by clicking View link of the appropriate campaign. Under the affiliate campaign details section affiliate can look through the campaign details and generate a Tracking Link by specifying the data necessary.



Tracking Link represents a link to the store and can be posted anywhere and anyhow on the web. Once clicked the link redirects the potential customer(s) to the store. Once customer proceeds by the Tracking Link a cookie is created in the customer's web browser. While the cookie is active registration at the store will result in customer becoming a referral of an Affiliate account (the Tracking Link owner). From now on every referral's purchase of an affiliate campaign related items/services will result in commission paid to the Affiliate.

Note: the cookie lifetime is set to one year. Customers can renew cookie record by proceeding by the Tracking Link again.


That's it

You have configured an affiliate campaing, assigned an Affiliate to it. The affiliate can now earn commission for every puchase made by the referrals of the affiliate campaing related items/services.

AheadWorks team would like to thank you for chosing our products and wish you all the best with the newly configured afffiliate campaign.



Note: the affiliate commission is paid manually by any means convenient. Magento Affiliate extension does NOT have any mechanism for commission withdrawal. The functionality is limited to managing the commission balance.