Custom Payment Methods

Custom Payment Methods

Is it possible to add the support of extra Payment Methods to the extension?


At the moment, the Subscriptions And Recurring Payment extension only supports eWay, PayPal and Authorize.Net payment systems.


However, the extension has open architecture, and new payment methods* can be added via customization.


*Note: we expect that it will only be possilble to integrate the module with the payment systems that have their own recurrent billing services/functionality. The SARP 2.0 iteself does not do payment scheduling internally, so the regular charges must be handled on the payment gateway side. 


We do not generally provide detailed guidance on customizing our products, however, here are some basic hints on how to approach adding extra payment methods:


1. A new payment method must be declared in app/code/local/AW/Sarp2/etc/engine.xml file first of all

2. The app/code/local/AW/Sarp2/Model/Engine/ folder contains the files that describe how the extension should interact with the payment gateways. You should place your custom files inside this folder.


You can use the default files ( app/code/local/AW/Sarp2/Model/Engine/Authorizenet/ and app/code/local/AW/Sarp2/Model/Engine/Paypal/ ) as examples of data structure