Duplicate subscriptions with Authorize.Net engine

Duplicate subscriptions with Authorize.Net engine

I'm using Authorize.Net payments, and my customers are occasionally unable to subscribe to a product.

Such situation may occur in case a customer tries to initiate 2 identical subscriptions (with the same product, start date, period and Credit Card details ) in a row. In a case like that, the Authorize.Net ARB service will not accept the 2nd subscription, and the customer will receive "There was an error processing your order. Please contact us or try again later." error on the checkout screen.

These particular values are validated by Authorize.Net ARB:

- payment information;

- billing information;

- start date;

- interval;

- unit.

You can identify such cases by checking the extension's log (System -> Configuration -> aheadWorks Extensions -> Info -> aheadWorks Extensions Logging -> View Log). If the situation described above took place, there will be the following record in the log:

'Unable create subscription on Authorize.net: E00012: You have submitted a duplicate of Subscription [ID]. '

If there is a real intention to subscribe to the same product again, a customer can just change any of the subscription parameters (e.g., use a different CC). A new subscription should be accepted then.