Migrating from SARP 1.X to SARP 2.X branch

Migrating from SARP 1.X to SARP 2.X branch

I'm using SARP 1.X at the moment, how do I go about moving to 2.0 version?


Technically, SARP 2.0 is a completely new module. It shares the general purpose (arranging regular billing system) with SARP 1.X, but the functionality has been built from a scratch. Therefore, the 2.0 version cannot use or import any data or settings from its predecessor.


However, there is a scenario we can suggest to make the migration painless. Note, this scenario only applies to Subscriptions And Recurring Payments 1.9.3 version of the original extension. 


Being 2 completely different products, the 2.x and 1.x versions can work at the same store simultaneously, not interfering with the work of each other. So the idea is to install the 2.x version, and start selling subscriptions via the new version only, while letting the 1.x version handle the "old" subscriptions.


NOTE: it is not supposed that the two versions will work at the same store for continuous time. Both branches are quite resource-demanding, and running them together may create unnecessary server burden. The below method is a "last resort" for a situation where there is a number of existent active subscriptions, and mass re-subscribing is not an option. Consult our help desk team before following the instructions


The suggested scenario is as follows:


  • 1. Set all the existent Subscription-type products (from SARP 1.X) to be "Not visible individually", to prevent further orders for these items. DO NOT disable or remove these products, this will break existent subscriptions from 1.X version. Just "hide" the products.

  • 2. Create a set of products of correspondent native product types as a replacement for the original subscription products.

  • 3. Install SARP 2.X version. Configure subscriptions for the products of native types.

That's it. Now, the new 2.X version is used for new orders, while the 1.X version should be further handling legacy subscriptions. After all the SARP 1.x subscriptions become inactive (expire* or get cancelled), you can safely remove the original module.


*If you used to have unlimited subscription plans (i.e., no expiration date was set for a subscription period), these subscriptions must be cancelled manually.


Alternatively, you can set the Expires After option in the period settings. However, note that the expiration is ALWAYS calculated since the start of a subscription. If you set the expiration, all the subscriptions that have exceeded the specified duration will expire on the next scheduled payment date.