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Change Log - Cart to Quote

  • 1.9.1
    Released 23.04.2024
    * Fixed issue with styles in Admin
  • 1.9.0
    Released 19.03.2024
    + An option to create a quote for a new customer
    + Quote owner's name in Quotes grid
  • 1.8.3
    Released 02.11.2023
    * Fixed issue when creating quote from backend
  • 1.8.2
    Released 20.09.2023
    * Fixed issue with the extension attribute on QuoteInterface
    * Fixed issue with PDF export in Magento Cloud
  • 1.8.1
    Released 26.07.2023
    * Fixed issue with Sales Representative integration when creating an order
    * Fixed issue with displaying an incorrect currency in a quote after selecting the Shipping by Admin method
  • 1.8.0
    Released 11.07.2023
    + GraphQL support
    + Custom shipping rate to a Quote
    + Note fields for each product in the quote request
    + Added products comments to the History Log
    * Fixed issue with the product widget
    * Fixed issue with empty Reminder Date
    * Fixed issue with selling a Quote by admin in some cases
  • 1.7.7
    Released 01.02.2023
    * Fixed issue with removing product from the cart
    * Fixed issue with an email link leading to the wrong store when setting up a multi store when quote is submitted from the admin
  • 1.7.6
    Released 21.09.2022
    * Fixed issue with Sidebar on the "History Log" tab for guest
    * Fixed issue with showing removed item in the "Seller Quote Changes" email
    * Fixed issue with not filled fields: Country, State/Province, Postal Code of shipping address
    * Fixed issue with strings to CSV file
    * Fixed issue with quoteSession in the backend if 2 tabs with different quote_id are open in Browser
  • 1.7.5
    Released 01.06.2022
    * Fixed issue with sending email notifications for Magento 2.4.4
    * Fixed issue with cron for Magento 2.4.4
    * Fixed issue with displaying file uploader on the new Quote page for Magento 2.4.4
    * Fixed issue with design of mini-Quote list for Magento 2.4.4
    * Fixed issue with compilation for Magento 2.4.4
  • 1.7.4
    Released 01.04.2022
    *Fixed iisue with Proposed Price in product and Proposed Subtotal in Quote Totals calculated in different ways
    *Api "GuestBuyerQuoteManagementInterface" does not work
    *Fixed issue with adding a new address for a customer on the new quote
    *Fixed issue with address Information "double up"
    *Impossible to buy the guest Quote when OSC module installed
    *MySQL Primary Keys are not defined
    *In guest "Updated Quote" email attachment URL is not external
    *Fixed typo in 'exportQuote' method
  • 1.7.3
    Released 21.02.2022
    +Integration with Hide Price
    +Declarative schema upgrade
    *Fixed issue with Klarna dependency
  • 1.7.2
    Released 14.09.2021
    *Fixed issue with the inability to Buy a quote (Klarna exception) [M 2.4.2-2.4.3 EE]
  • 1.7.1
    Released 27.08.2021
    *Impossible to buy a Quote [Magento EE v2.4.3]
    *Proposed Price doesn't change after updating
    *Possible to submit a Quote for approval if a number less than "1" is entered in the "Qty" field
  • 1.7.0
    Released 19.07.2021
    +Minimum Subtotal for Requesting a Quote
    +Storeview selection during the creation of a quote in the admin panel
    *When "Shipping" is chosen in the native cart or on the "Quote List" page, it should be displayed on the "Edit Quote" page
    *Quotation overview is shown incorrectly after export to .doc
    *Fixed issue with changing product in the quote
    *Fixed issue with possibility to escape validation on "My Quote" page on the Storefront, when a decimal number is entered into "Qty" field
    *Shipping Address isn't shown in History Log after purchasing a quote
    *Error when creating a company account
    *Fixed issue with an exported document on Magento EE (Magento bug)
  • 1.6.0
    Released 04.06.2021
    + Export of Quote proposal to PDF
    + Hide Request a Quote button from the cart
    + Attach a quote PDF to email notifications
    + Backorder support
    * Redirection to the cart page occurs after clicking 'Update Quote List' button
    * Fixed issue with 'Comments and History' section
    * Product sorting does not work in the quote
    * Fixed issue with quote subtotal
  • 1.5.0
    Released 26.03.2021
    + Not logged-in customers can request quotes
    * Error message is displayed when seller approves quote of deleted customer
    * Quote can be sent when product is not available
    * Inappropriate message is displayed when minimum order amount is set and quote is added to cart
    * The Add to Quote button is displayed incorrectly when the screen is resized
    * Quote items aren't shown in a new email based on default template
    * It's impossible to convert a quote into an order and place it using PayPal
    * When a user is deleted, an error is displayed during the modification of a quote
    * Shipping is not displayed in quote emails

  • 1.4.0
    Released 26.10.2020
    + Added feature to display Company Name in quote
    + Improvement of quote doc. exported file
    * Fixed issue with 'Quotes' grid filtering
    * Minor UI adjustments
    * Fixed issue with configurable products editing
    * Improved compatibility with Aheadworks B2B Company Accounts
    * Error occurs because of deprecated unparenthesized ternary operation
  • 1.3.1
    Released 01.04.2020
    * Fixed issue when products from wishlist aren't added to quote list
    * 'Add to Quote' button is not displayed at the edit page of the product in wishlist
  • 1.3.0
    Released 23.03.2020
    + Web API support
    + 'Auto-Acceptance of Quotes' option
    + 'Export of Quote(s) to .doc' feature on the frontend
    + Added Order ID information for Quote page (frontend&backend)
    + Sorting of quote items on frontend
    * 'Quote list' is not cleared upon a click on 'Request a quote' button
    * Error occurs after clicking 'Save items Order' button
    * Fixed issue when bundle product is duplicated in quote

  • 1.2.0
    Released 04.02.2020
    + Option to set a discount per product
    + Option to add products to quote from product and category pages
    + Separate 'Quote list' functionality (mini-cart, 'Add to Quote button')
    + Added quick view of a quote to email notifications
    + Customer group is displayed on Quote Page in backend
    * Error appears while trying to open not existing quote in Admin
  • 1.1.0
    Released 16.10.2019
    + Integration with Aheadworks Company Accounts
  • 1.0.0
    Released 12.09.2019
    * Initial release

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