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What are the features available to Company Users?

Not only Company Admins, but users as well have a set of advantages available with Company Accounts functionality:

  • Automatic attribution of partner status and eligibility for a discount;
  • Joint use of reward points throughout the company.

If a company is being assigned a partner status with the right to a discount, all child accounts of the company get the same partner status automatically and are eligible for the same amount of discount on their purchases. Such a system prevents cases when brand-new accounts or employees are missing such bonuses due to not being allocated with corresponding partner status. 


Providing all our customers with access to the reward points system, we realize that for agencies it is important to have an option to merge reward points balances so that to be able to share them under all existing accounts, which is now as well possible with Company Accounts. Reward points are earned from all the purchases that are made by company users and may be easily applied by them on checkout. 

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