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I run several web-stores. Do I have to purchase several copies of the extension?

In accordance with EULA, the Customer is entitled to use a single copy of the Software on a single production Magento installation.

However, if you run multiple sites by the same Magento installation (Magento allows that), you don't have to buy additional licenses. So, if you intend to use Aheadworks extensions within separate Magento installations, you should buy as many extension licenses, as many Magento installations you have.

Please, note the following: in addition to a single production Magento installation, the Agreement allows installing the Software on a development and/or staging Magento environment. We assume a website to be development if it's not public and has no real orders/customers. In this case, you don't need to buy additional licenses. You may install extensions to your production and development websites under the same license.

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