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A copy of any of the Aheadworks products is strictly linked to the Customer Account at our store, and all our order-related services are only available to the authorized user (i.e., a person whose account was used for purchasing the module).


I need to pass my module to a 3rd-party, how do I go about that?


Unfortunately, since the license is connected to Support and Upgrades subscription, only a single account transfer is possible (license transfer to other projects within a single account). We can’t transfer the subscription and its related payments/orders to another account. 


We can however transfer the license to a third-party account, but without an active Support and Upgrades subscription. The recipient of such license will not be able to use composer keys and download extension versions from our website.


If both sides agree to these terms, follow a standard license transfer procedure. Here's how it works:


- both you and the 3rd-party must have accounts at our store;

- you need to post a ticket to our Help Desk under the account you have used for ordering the subject product;

- in your ticket, you need to explicitly confirm the intention to pass module ownership to a third-party, and specify the email address of the target account (i.e., the account of the recipient).


The license of a module will then be disabled in the current account. After that, our team will add a license of the extension to the target account, entitling the recipient to all the associated options and services (product downloads, technical support, etc).


Note that this standard procedure is the only legitimate way for passing product ownership. A license transfer request can only be fulfilled if submitted according to the above procedure.

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