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Unit tests in Magento 2


What is a Unit test?

Unit tests are one of the quality tests used for testing a single unit of PHP code in isolation. They are usually written during development using test-driven development (TDD). For more information, check Magento testing guide


Unit test goals 

Below there are some of the most important unit test goals:

  • Test individual units to define what one or another part of code is responsible for;
  • Create regression tests that help to demonstrate that the entire system still works (or not) after changes;
  • Detection of problems in early stages.


Unit test value 

The greatest value for a store owner is that the extension works as promised. For a developer the greatest value comes with assessing:

  • Whether the extension/store is stable at any given moment;
  • Environment-specific bugs;
  • Simple module customization;
  • Development quality;
  • Minimum amount of setup;
  • Code coupling and store component cross-dependencies.


Are all Magento 2 extensions come with unit tests?

Most Aheadworks Magento 2 extensions come with unit tests. Once the extension is installed the test can be run to prove and control that the most important business-logic-related parts of the specific module are functioning well.

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