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What does the status of my order mean?

I've ordered something from your store, but I'm not sure if my order got through. How can I verify it?


If you are not certain that your order at our store has been properly processed, you can check its status in your personal account (in the My Orders tab).


Here's the breakdown on the order statuses you can encounter at our store:


  • Complete - your order has been paid and processed, the products you've ordered can be downloaded from "My Projects And Licenses" tab.

  • On Hold - this status means that we need more information to verify and process your order. We will email or call you within 24 hours for further details to ensure that you have knowingly placed the order. Once the order is verified, you will get the access to the purchased product(s).

Please note: in rare cases it may happen that a charge does occur, but your order remains in the Pending Payment status. If such situation takes place, please contact us using Contact Form and provide the transaction ID of your purchase.

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