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How payments for subscriptions are made?

What your subscription Purchase consists of:

  • License
  • Support and Upgrades subscription.


1. On the day of purchase you are paying for the license. 

License payment includes:

  • license and lifetime access to the current extension version via composer
  • 30-days access to all updates
  • 30-days support coverage for the product
  • 30-days no questions refund


2. Support and Upgrades subscription. Starts 30 days after your initial license purchase. 

Frequency of recurrent payments will depend on the type of plan you select - annual or monthly. Once you have paid for the selected period (month or year), during this period you will get:

  • access to extension upgrades via composer and download button;
  • support coverage for the product


To continue receiving updates and support, you need to keep an active subscription. 


If you choose to cancel your subscription - your upcoming recurrent payments will be canceled, but your subscription will remain active until the period you paid for (month or year) fully expires. During this paid period you will retain access to support service and upgrades, and will have the option to reactivate your subscription.


Once your paid period fully expires your subscription will become expired and no longer eligible for renewal. If you would want to receive updates after the full expiration of your subscription you will have to Re-purchase the product with subscription.


However you will retain composer access to the version of extension that was last available when your subscriptions was still active.


You have purchased Blog on February 1st. At that day module/blog -version 1.0.0 is available.

Your monthly subscription started on March 1st. You paid for March and canceled further subscription payments. Respectively the subscription is paid until March 31st. The version that is available on March 31st is module/blog -version 1.0.1

On April 1st module/blog -version 1.0.2 is released. 

On April 1st when your subscription is fully expired you still have access to module/blog -version 1.0.1 and lower (version 1.0.0), you will no longer have access to updates and respectively will not be able to download module/blog -version 1.0.2.

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