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Restoring Account Access

I've lost my password, how do I recover it?


Usually, you should just use "Forgot My Password" function in the customer login screen. After you submit your email address, a link to reset password will be sent to your email. Normally, it arrives within 5-15 minutes.


I tried resetting my password through your website, but no email arrived. What should I do?


Such situation is likely to result from some spam filters on recipient's side. First of all, make sure to check the "Spam" (or similar) folder of your mailbox. If the password recovery email cannot be found there as well, contact our support team, they will check the case.


The email address I have used for registering at your store no longer exists. How do I recover my access in this case?


Resolving such situation may be a bit complicated. We can only use the email address specified in the account details for communicating with our customers.


The only way to restore the account access in such case is to verify the ownership. We consider Unique Transaction ID from the payment gateway side to be the only indisputable testimonial on such sensitive matters. Providing the correct   Transaction ID guarantees that the account access will be restored.


In some exceptional cases, we may accept some alternative facts for verification, but it is not guaranteed that the request will be fulfilled under such circumstances.


Some of your products were purchased for me by a third-party under their account. How can I claim these products for my personal use?


Normally, we consider the owner of the account to be the only authorized user of the purchased items. Upon the mutual agreement between you and the account owner, we can perform a license transfer. Check this article for the details on the procedure.


In case you are unable to reach the account owner for some reason, the only possibility to claim the modules for your use is providing Unique Transaction ID for the correspondent order. Naturally, this can only be an option if you paid for the items directly (i.e., either your CC, or PayPal account was used to pay for the order at our website). In the latter case, the Transaction ID has a priority over any other facts.


If both the aheadWorks store account and the Billing Details are registered in the name of the third-party, it is at their liberty to dispose the product. The above mentioned mutual agreement is the only option in such case.

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