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7 Reasons to buy Magento extensions and add-ons from aheadWorks

1. Get high quality products that you will benefit from

All our products are based on a thorough understanding of the needs, wants and pain points of ecommerce store operators gathered from direct feedback and inputs from customers as well as our own research and development. All extensions are developed strictly in conformance with Magento standards. Therefore, these powerful extensions/ add-ons can be installed and used even on highly customized stores!

2. Stay updated and away from obsolescence

You can download any extension you purchase from your ‘customer area’ on this store. All extension patches, updates and new releases are also available there. More importantly, the extensions we develop are compatible with the latest Magento version. We carry out immediate tests with all new Magento releases to be sure that our programs with the store's new version. Follow our blog and subscribe to the tags or products that interest you. Download new releases as soon as they are announced!

3. Take comfort in our organizational strength

As an established web development company that has been serving clients over the past 7 years, aheadWorks has a track record of speedily delivering high quality program solutions and taking care of its customers' needs. A freelancer, a smaller company, or a less experienced organization cannot deliver the quality of development and customer support that we do.

4. Profit from attractive discounts

Buy more, spend less. Get a 5% discount when you buy 2 or more products.

5. Enjoy excellent support

We are happy to help you from Monday to Friday during the following hours:
UK/London: 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.
USA/New York: 4:00 a.m. – 12:00 Noon

6. Get what you see with our transparent processes

We are an extremely transparent organization, whether it be product development or pricing. As existing or prospective customers, we believe in keeping you in the know through our blog and newsletter. We constantly update our blog. Learn about our development plans, feature requests, new releases, and other information there. Not only read, but participate. You are the reason why we are in business!

7. Talk to people who listen to you: We take note of all feedback and feature requests

We strongly encourage feedback from our existing and prospective customers. Your feedback is the basis on which we evolve our products and processes! You are welcome to leave your comments in the product questions sections and our blog – we involve ourselves in discussions with great enthusiasm. Drop-in your feature requests and new product requests – don’t be surprised to find exactly what YOU need in the very next release!