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FAQs about Advanced Subscription Products Version 3

How can I access Advanced Subscription Products Version 3?

Advanced Subscription Products for Magento 2, as well as some other Aheadworks extensions like Buildify, is offered as a Software as a Service (SaaS), for which a subscription fee is required.

It means that this software extension is provided as a subscription-based service with monthly or annual payments. The service remains accessible only as long as the subscription is active. Upon cancellation, the service becomes unavailable to the user.

Users can conveniently manage subscriptions in "My Account" under "My Subscriptions," where details like subscription status, product, plan information, trial status, payment dates, amounts, and update details are available.


How can I migrate from Version 2 to Version 3?

You can upgrade via Composer by following this guide. After the upgrade, integrate the license keys to connect version 3 with your store. Users of Advanced Subscription Products v.2 with active subscriptions for support and upgrades can find their license keys in My Account under the relevant project where their Advanced Subscription Products extension is located.

License keys for version 3 in Advanced Subscription Products v.2

What happens to subscriptions after migrating to version 3?

Your subscriptions will continue to function as usual, only faster!


What’s the difference between Advanced Subscription Products version 2 and 3?

Version 3 offers enhanced speed, storing subscriptions on our servers for faster operation. It boasts a more intuitive interface and ongoing development plans. Although version 2 will still receive minor updates, our focus is primarily on enhancing version 3.


Will our old license remain valid after migrating to version 3?

Yes, your license remains valid.


Do I need an active subscription to Version 3 for the service to operate?

Yes, Advanced Subscription Products operates as long as your subscription is active.


Will we have access to support and upgrades?

Yes, subscription to Version 3 includes free access to support and upgrades.


Can I downgrade back if I don't like Version 3?

Yes, you can downgrade to Version 2 at any time. But make sure, before downgrading, make sure to Disconnect your License Keys to avoid any loss of data.

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