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Buildify for Magento 2
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Buildify for Magento 2

Design eye-catching content with the powerful drag-and-drop page builder

  • Create any type of content with a huge number of widgets
  • Arrange widgets easily with Drag & Drop action
  • Customize style, layout and other options without any coding
  • Use pre-arranged page templates to save time
  • Benefit from support of native Magento 2 widget
  • Integration with Blog 

Note: only for websites with active SSL certificate.

Current extension version: 1.2.3 | Compatibility: Open Source 2.4.5-2.4.6
Marketplace Approved

Marketplace Approved

SaaS Service

SaaS Service

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Default Magento 2 is not a Content Management System. Yes, the WYSIWYG editor is there and it comes with basic content tools but to create custom CMS blocks, widgets, and pages in Magento 2, you will certainly need something more advanced and personalized. And to achieve that you will either need to hire a frontend developer or use a third-party extension like AheadWorks’s Buildify Extension for Magento 2.


Buildify is a Magento 2 compatible extension that helps you create beautiful custom pages and content blocks without writing a single line of code. It has a wide range of pre-build content widgets and a drag-and-drop interface. It enables your marketing team to embed any content block to any Magento page without involving development resources. They can create custom landing pages, customize categories, and product pages, and whatnot.

Build Magento 2 pages that Convert

Create and arrange content for pages effortlessly with an intuitive drag-and-drop page builder - Buildify for Magento 2! You do not have to mess with
code. Creativity and a wide range of widgets are all you need to design a perfect page layout. Make the page building process even easier: use
pre-arranged templates and shape your page in a Website.

Ready-to-use templates to design faster

Ready-to-use templates to design faster

Create your own design or apply predesigned templates to save time dramatically. Buildify comes with 40+ free premade page templates to choose from.

Drag & drop content instead of coding

Drag & drop content instead of coding

Manage widgets at ease with a simple drag & drop feature. Add, edit, delete or duplicate elements in a few clicks without any changes in the code. There are 70+ widgets at your disposal, and you can employ the native Magento 2 ones as well! 

Buildify for Magento 2. Drag and Drop
Customer-engaging widgets

Customer-engaging widgets

Add social media widgets to drive comments and posts to your store directly from Twitter, Facebook or Instagram. Increase customer activity with Share and Follow buttons

Buildify for Magento 2. Social Media buttons
Easily customizable features

Easily customizable features

Edit elements and move sections around in one click. Adjust the layout, style, animation and other features to your unique vision and taste. The editor is absolutely intuitive and requires no training in coding.

Buildify for Magento 2. Elements Configurations
Guaranteed responsiveness on any device

Guaranteed responsiveness on any device

Do not worry about responsiveness as all widgets and templates are already responsive. Make sure the pages look good on all screens checking responsiveness right from the editor.

Buildify for Magento 2. Add Template

Enjoy the advanced visual page building experience

15+ Customer-engaging widgets

Go beyond the essentials and let customers create your content themselves via comments and social media.

Drag & Drop Interface

Build the page you want, or easily customize the page by simply dragging and dropping.

70+ Theme-friendly widgets

Take on a variety of widgets to embody all essential content types which will not fail on any Magento 2 theme

Expansive content library

Make use of the pre-arranged page templates or create your own ones, save widget configurations and their versions.

Screen-size friendly experience

Create seamless customer experiences for the screens of various sizes: desktop, laptop, tablet and mobile.

Limitless configurations

Get your content beyond the ideal with the endless configuration options for widgets, sections and columns.

Magento 2 widgets support

Improve the storefront with dynamic data on products, interactive navigation and other store elements.

Important Analytics

Support your content with facts and figures from Google Analytics and Yandex Metrica.

Robust all-in-one functionality

Enjoy the visually-appealing experience of creating, editing and checking responsiveness of pages in one place, with no annoying popups or redirects.

Live Preview

Edit and see the changes of items added right away with the live preview mode and save time.

Set Column Width for Different Devices

In some special cases, if you want to set different column widths for each device, you can choose specific values for each device in the Width column.

Widget Templates

Save widgets that have been customised and reuse them whenever you need.


Use a search bar to find necessary widgets in seconds without scrolling.

No Coding

Create unique page design without any changes in the code.

Elements Tree

Have all page elements clearly structured, making the navigation even easier.

Auto Save

All changes are applied and saved in the editor automatically without clicking any buttons.

Optimize for Conversions

Create variants of landing pages and use A/B tests to optimize your store for increased conversions.

Custom HTML/CSS/JS Supported

Get full access to your site’s source code (HTML,
CSS, JS) to take your designs to the next level, if
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Back-end demo
Front-end demo
  • 1.2.3
    Released 27.03.2024
    * Fixed issue with styles
  • 1.2.2
    Released 14.09.2023
    * Fixed issue with static loading on the preview page
    * Fixed issue when saving a category with the same URL as a product
  • 1.2.1
    Released 23.09.2022
    * Fixed issue with updating the version in app
    * Fixed issue for Magento Marketplace
    * Fixed issue with editing and displaying content after updating the module version

  • 1.2.0
    Released 02.09.2022
    + Buildify parsing variables
    + Сompatibility with Page Builder
    * Fixed issue with Code Sniffer
    * Fixed issue with the Product List slider in Mozilla and Safari on Magento 2.4
  • 1.1.4
    Released 03.08.2022
    * Fixed issue with the Bad version syntax
    * Fixed issue with Patch prefix table
  • 1.1.3
    Released 06.04.2022
    +Declarative schema upgrade
  • 1.1.2
    Released 18.11.2021
    + Move JS from head to before body end position
    * Fixed issue with content of several sections merging into one section
  • 1.1.1
    Released 21.06.2021
    * Error occurs in the backend when product is updated
    * Improved compatibility with M2 One Step Checkout
  • 1.1.0
    Released 12.05.2021
    + API improvements
    + Import/export templates
    * Styles issue occurs while performing Duplicate and Save
    * Problem occurs when minification is enabled in Magento
  • 1.0.3
    Released 19.03.2021
    + WebAPI update
    * Buildify page configuration should be saved to database if the service is not available
    * User-defined styles are not applied in the Slides widget
    * The Image Gallery lightbox transfers to the top of the page
    * Fixed issue with reference URL to the image
    * Fixed error in console when image from "Image Gallery" widget is clicked
    * Native Magento widgets options are not displayed
    * Fixed issues with the pages preview

  • 1.0.2
    Released 03.02.2021
    + Editor load speed improvements
    * "Magento Blank" theme isn't supported in Admin
    * There are no style settings for the Circle Progress widget
    * Data remain in database when element is deleted
    * Revision history doesn't work properly
    * There are no CMS page styles on home page
    * JS error occurs on storefront when JavaScript files minification is enabled
    * Fixed errors occurring in console in Backend
    * Fallback to Jquery error in console
    * Headers are displayed incorrectly in tablet preview
    * Deleted native section remains on the page
  • 1.0.1
    Released 23.12.2020
    + Enable/Disable Buildify selector added to Configuration
    + 5 New Templates
    + Section button moved to the left, before Column
    + Hint is added to Image gallery
  • 1.0.0
    Initial release 23.12.2020

Product Questions

Can you please explain how to use the anchor links widget in your Buildify extension
Question by: Julia Gorobets on Apr 29, 2022, 6:44 AM
First of all, it is required to drop the Anchor widget to the place on the page you'd like to be transferred to and assign the name of the link.
Then, please assign the link inside the element you'd like to be a trigger (depends on your needs that may be the text in the Text editor widget or the Button) with # sign .
Answer by: Julia Gorobets (Admin) on Apr 29, 2022, 8:03 AM
What content can I manage with the Buildify application?
Question by: Cameron on Dec 16, 2020, 1:37 PM
With Buildify you get able to manage:

- Static Pages
- Static Blocks
- Product Description
- Category Description
- Aheadworks Blog posts
Answer by: Yanina Prudnikova on Dec 16, 2020, 1:41 PM
How do I use media files in page content?
Question by: KatyB on Dec 16, 2020, 1:48 PM
Buildify has a media manager for you to upload files and include them to your page content within widgets, sliders, galleries and etc. Please, check user manual for details.
Answer by: Yanina Prudnikova on Dec 16, 2020, 1:51 PM
How do I use sliders in page content?
Question by: Peter_L on Dec 16, 2020, 2:05 PM
Buildify has the pre-made slider widget. Just find "Image Carousel" at the widget panel and drag & drop it to your content. You can manage slides, animations styles and many other things in the widget setting. Please, check user manual for details.
Answer by: Yanina Prudnikova on Dec 16, 2020, 2:08 PM
How can I manage detail settings for elements?
Question by: Matt on Dec 16, 2020, 2:14 PM
A tabbed navigation at the top of Buildify panel allows you to jump between the settings of a specific element. Each content element can have its own style that is different from the global settings. Adding a headline or text with a different font and color is possible as well as specific margins and padding settings. Please, check user manual for details.
Answer by: Yanina Prudnikova on Dec 16, 2020, 2:16 PM
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