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What kinds of service do Aheadworks provide?


The main focus of Aheadworks is delivering ready-made Magento extensions. We offer a variety of extensions-related services, see below for the details.


Basic services:


1. Information service is free and is available to anyone via Live Chat and Help Desk. Within our Info service, you can get guidance on the functionality, compatibility, and availability of our products and services.




2. Technical Support* service is available for registered users with active Support and Upgrades subscription and is provided via Help Desk exclusively. This service is delivered at no extra charge as long as customer’s Subscription is active**. Technical Support covers fixing post-installation issues which result from improper behavior of Aheadworks products.


Technical Support does not cover fixing conflicts with custom code in the core Magento files, conflicts with third-party products, conflicts with Magento versions which are not officially supported by a given version of the product,  or issues resulting from custom modifications you might have introduced to our products. External conflicts can in most cases be resolved within the paid Customization service. We don't fix the old versions of extensions, especially if the fix is included in the new version of the product.


*Free extensions and addons come without the Support and upgrades by default. Support for the addon will be rendered as long as core extension has an active Support and Upgrades subscription. Updates for such addons are available for download infinitely. 

**When subscription is canceled, further support and upgrades become unavailable. If you decide to renew it after its expiration, you will have to repurchase the license with subscription included.


3. Additional services upon initial purchase is available for registered users with active Support and Upgrades subscription and is provided via Help Desk exclusively.


Such services include:


Installation service - upon request from a customer our technical support specialists can perform installation of the extension that was purchased to a single Magento installation.


Configuration service* - after the installation our technical support specialists may perform sample configuration of the extension to be able to place a test order, perform test ticket submission or any other major function anticipated from the extension. It’s done to demonstrate that after the installation the extension is fully functional. 


 * Our technical support specialists will not perform configuration with live credentials, on production instances or per customer’s requirements/use case - advice on how this can be performed by the customer may be obtained as part of our info service.


In addition to the above basic services, there is a number of additional services. These services are optional and are provided on paid basis.


Along with the fact that we are most eager to help our customers with whatever request they may have, it is important to point out that our company still has the limited scope of responsibility. In case your given request is not covered by our standard procedures, our customer service representatives may have to deny fulfilling your inquiry.


Also, there is a set of requests that our customer service representatives are strictly prohibited to fulfill:

  • requests that imply disclosing any personal data of our clients and employees;
  • requests that imply any potential danger to the security of our webstore, any internal or public resources.

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