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Guideline: How To Compose A Technical Support Ticket

If you face a technical problem with any of Aheadworks products, our technical team will be glad to help you in resolving it.

When reporting a technical issue to our Help Desk, it is recommended to compose your request in accordance to the below guideline.

This will ensure speedy and effective resolution of the problem.


NOTE: you can only apply for the technical support if you have an ative support period for a product.


1. Make sure to provide our team with the sufficient and valid access parameters, specifically:


- for server access, make sure that our user has write permissions at least for the following folders in your Magento installation folder and their content:







Depending on the specifics of the issue, we may need some additional access as well.


- for the Admin panel, we normally need the access at least to the following areas:

System->Cache Management

System->Index Management

Stores->Configuration->Aheadworks Extensions



Obviously, we require an access to all tabs of our extension as well.

If the issue is related to particular customers, products or orders, we also may need an access to the correspondent areas.

DISCLAIMER: after your technical issue has been resolved and you verified that no additional support is needed from our technical staff, please do CHANGE all credentials and passwords, DISABLE/REMOVE any temporary admin user accounts you created for Aheadworks for security reasons.


2. Make sure to provide us with the detailed description of the actual problem.


The best option would be the steps to reproduce the issue, i.e.:

- go to;

- click the button;

- expected result is ... ;

- actual result is ... ;

Please specify any related rule, product, customer or order IDs so that we could reproduce the issue quicker.


3. Let us know whether we can place test orders, create test rules, blocks etc


This is especially important for live stores - we do not carry out testing without the formal permission.


4. Confirm that we are allowed to update the extension.


In some cases, it is enough to just update the module to solve the described problem, instead of spending hours of manual work.

In case you have implemented any customization to the extension, make sure to backup the files, as your custom adjustments may be lost after the update.


5. Provide us with important environment-related information.


Specifically, we must be notified about the following:

- external caching is in place; in this case, either disable any external caching software, or provide us with the instructions how to clear it.

- if you are running load-balanced server, make sure to provide us with the access to all the involved servers.

- in case any customizations had been implemented, give an outline on the modified files.


Following the above instructions will enable our technical specialists to resolve the reported problem in the shortest time.

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