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iPhone Theme

Let your visitors enjoy the ultimate usability of your mobile-friendly website.

  • Designed with best practices for mobile UX
Current extension version: 3.0.6 | Compatibility: Open Source -; Commerce -
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iphone 3


iPhone Theme 3 satisfies m-commerce needs while following best mobile user experience practices:

  • All content is organized into a one column layout for a better mobile store view and is adjusted for touchscreen navigation
  • Opportunity to assign a custom Home page with mobile-friendly design
  • Fixed header with menu, search, account, and shopping cart links available from any page
  • Instant search from any m-store page with native Magento search suggestion support
  • Improved image gallery with gesture support and thumbnails in horizontal scroll view
  • Breadcrumb trail to allow your visitors to keep track of their locations and ensure they are not lost
  • Sorting and filtering capabilities available on category, subcategory and search results pages

User Experience

Webstore navigation and Catalogue

  • Mobile-adjusted catalogue view
  • Handy sorting and filtering capabilities (by product options)
  • Use static blocks to add visualization or promo to your catalogue pages

Product Page view

  • Touch-friendly image gallery with gestures support - tap, swipe, pinch-in and pinch-out
  • Product image thumbnails in horizontal scroll view
  • Quantity selection before checkout (New!)
  • Separate Details, Reviews, Additional Information (New!), and Related tabs for compact data presentation
  • Opportunity to add a new review (New!)
  • Eye-catching Add to cart button
  • Special popup to configure product options

Shopping Cart and Checkout

  • Access to cart available from every page
  • Opportunity to adjust product options one the fly and edit items quantity as well as apply discount without page reloads
  • Opportunity to edit information on any step of checkout process

iPhone Theme Configuration

Customize your m-store easily

Now it is possible to take advantage of creating a separate, ideally fitted mobile version of your store with minimum time and investment efforts. iPhone Theme 3 is easy to install, configure and customize!

  • Install the iPhone Theme 3 extension
  • Enable the module
  • Upload logo for mobile view
  • Create a mobile-friendly Home page
  • Choose this page from Mobile Home Page drop-down list in in iPhone Theme 3 configuration
  • Change m-store home page as frequent as you may need with no influence on the main web-store home page
  • Set up a separate Google Analytics account for tracking mobile performance (New!)
  • Create static blocks and use them to add visualisation or promo to your category and/or subcategory pages
  • Adjust iPhone Theme design easily as just HTML, CSS and JavaScript are used

A demo is worth a thousand words!

Exclusive compatibility options for EE stores:

  • Full Page Caching
  • Rewards Points
  • Store Credits
  • Gift Certificates/Cards
  • Gift Registry
  • Return Management Authorization (RMA)

Integration with the following aheadWorks extensions:

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  • 3.0.6
    Released 04.07.2017
    * Java Script syntax error in template file
    * No formkey validation on checkout (SUPEE-9767)
  • 3.0.5
    Released 28.02.2017
    * iPhone theme content is dublicated
  • 3.0.4
    Released on 16.02.2017
    * Stability and speed improvements
  • 3.0.3
    * Incorrect breadcrumb link after "show 20 more"
    * Incorrect filtering on the catalog search result page
    * Minimum order amount message is shown on every page
    * Restore password page doesn't work on iPhone Theme
    * Checkout page stalled on the "Shipping method"
  • 3.0.2
    + Wishlist support
    * Firefox cart issue
    * Deleting product from the cart issue
    * iPad increase quantity issue
    * "Back" category button issue
    * Creating account at the checkout issue
    * Magento CE v.1.4 compatibility
    * Magento CE v.1.5 compatibility
    * ARP 2 block issue
  • 3.0.1
    * Not displaying the loading image after clicking "Show more" button
    * Subscription item is added to cart with other product
    * Padding is absent for "Review Order" page if payment method is PayPal
    * Category page breaks after tapping "Back" link
  • 3.0.0
    + Refactoring code of aw_mobile2 on aw_mobile3
    + AW_GiftCard integration
    + Add the event to Observer
    + Excluding caching for the currency switcher in the footer
    + Separate Google Analytics account for mobile view
    + add a picture to the iPhone
    + Automatic scroll to the top of a page upon "add to cart" action
    + Add a QTY field to the product page
    + Add possibility to submit native Magento reviews on iPhone Theme
    + Add tab to product page in which additional information will be shown if it is specified
    + Displaying native Magento "Terms and Conditions" upon checkout
    + Redirect to a different store view
    * Billing and shipping progress information cannot be updated on checkout
    * Breadcrumbs issue
    * 'State' field is not hidden in shipping information when not required
    * Wrong address in billing description
    * iPhone Theme is switching to mobile version on unsupported devices
    * Search overlay does not appear if customer taps on the center of magnifying glass icon
    * It is not possilbe to login on checkout page when using captcha
    * The price in the cart is not correct if the product includes taxes
    * Cannot add to cart product that have "date" as a custom option
    * Green link for https does not appear for iPhone 5, 6
    * Incorrect redirect after storeview changed by customer
    * Cookie acception block is not shown in iPhone theme
    * "Back" button missing at "my account" page
    * "Apply sorting" and "Apply the filter" buttons are jumping
  • 2.0.8
    + Multistore support: an option to choose specific themes for different stores
    * Product options couldn’t be selected in Firefox
    * Incorrect position of the system messages at category pages
    * Inability to place an order if "Minimum Order Amount" was set up
    * Blog was enabled for the mobile theme
  • 2.0.7
    * CAPTCHA didn’t appear after unsuccessful attempts to login
  • 2.0.6
    * Problem with the "Use as My Default Billing/Shipping Address" options
    * Inability to login on the checkout page when CAPTCHA was enabled
  • 2.0.5
    + Default mobile home page redesign
    + 3rd party Checkout support
    + Speed improvement
    * Problem with scrolling at the Billing/Shipping step during the checkout
    * Incorrect work of the checkout after the cart updating
    * Problem when the "Use Secure URLs in Frontend" option was enabled
    * Inability to set up Mobile Home Page in “Default Config” scope
    * Base product image wasn’t shown if it was marked as 'excluded'
  • 2.0.4
    * Problem on frontend if full page cache was enabled (EE)
  • 2.0.3
    * “Click here” link wasn’t underlined on the Store Credit page in Magento EE
    * Incorrect design of the confirmation email after placing an order
    * Problem with iPhone 6 browsers if a store had many categories and subcategories
  • 2.0.2
    * Incorrect Home page when several CMS pages with the same URL were created
  • 2.0.1
    * Minor bugfixes
  • 2.0.0
    + New look and feel
    + Layered navigation and sorting
    + Improved image gallery with gestures support and thumbnails in horizontal scroll view
    + Sorting and filtering capabilities
    + Separate Details, Reviews and Related tabs on the product page
    + Opportunity to assign a custom Home page with mobile-friendly design
    + Static blocks to add visualization or promo to your catalog pages
    + Code refactoring

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