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Follow Up Email

Follow up your customers with fully automated emails. Insert coupons, purchased products, pictures, restore cart links.

    • Abandoned cart emails to increase conversion
    • Flexible conditions for precise email targeting
    • Multiple events to cover all aspects of customer's activity
Current extension version: 3.7.1 | Compatibility: Open Source -; Commerce -
Starting At $199.00

Over the last years, email marketing has become one of the fastest growing trends in customer acquisition. It is not surprising, since follow up email is a simple and convenient means of communication between merchants and customers, which allows to make right offers in time.

The Follow Up Email extension is a perfect solution that provides comprehensive functionality to create highly targeted custom emails to fit your business needs. The extension allows web-store owners to easily create custom email templates with both static and dynamic information, as well as set up rules when they should be sent.

  Goals to Achieve   Follow Up Email Solution

Boost revenue and increase the number of returned customers
Every single cart abandonment email sent, delivers over $5 in revenue*.

Send notifications to your store visitors who abandoned their shopping carts, start second order e-mail campaigns, create your personal e-mail schedule to work out the best email marketing strategy.

Convert abandoned carts into sales
35% of clicks from abandonment emails lead to a purchase back on site*

Let your customers restore their carts or resume their session with just one click on the link sent in the email notification

Motivate customer for further purchases
68% of consumers say that coupons generate loyalty**

Create appealing content-rich emails - offer coupons codes, add customer related details, discounts, offers and products.

Enhance customer relationship and build customer loyalty
A repeat loyal customer spends 67% more than a new one***

Greet your customers on their birthdays, send targeted promotions, offer coupon codes, ask your client’s opinion on the product bought.

Create exclusive email content

Configure the follow up email design and content in accordance with your marketing goals.

  • Use pre-defined templates (native Magento and Follow Up Email) or create your own ones
  • Add Magento and Follow Up Email variables
  • Insert up-sells, cross-sells and related products
  • Customize order/cart/wish list products view inserted in email: add pictures, prices, links to product pages and other information.
  • Let your customers restore their carts with just one click on the link sent in the email notification
  • Allow customers to resume session right from the email
  • Let your customers unsubscribe from all follow up emails at once (NEW!)
  • Offer coupon codes

Increase relevance through segmentation

Make sure that your customers receive relevant information - separate your email audience into smaller groups based on their customer/order status, actions and other attributes.

The Follow Up Email extension now offers three predefined sample rules that proved to work - abandoned cart, review request and customer birthday (NEW!)

You can set up your own rules for sending targeted emails based on the best matching conditions:

Segment by Built-in options Additional options*
  • sign up;
  • subscription;
  • login;
  • last activity;
  • came back by link sent;
  • group;
  • group changed;
  • submitted a review;
  • birthday;
  • newsletter subscription;
  • unsubscription.
  • name;
  • address;
  • email;
  • age;
  • gender;
  • view and order history;
  • store of registration.
  • Order
  • order obtained X status;
  • customer placed a new order.
  • lifetime number of orders;
  • lifetime value of orders;
  • lifetime number of purchased items.
  • Shopping cart
  • new abandoned cart appeared;
  • sale amount.
  • grand total;
  • number of different products;
  • total items qty;
  • shopping cart items;
  • subtotal.
  • Wishlist
  • new product added;
  • wishlist shared.
  • wishlist records.
  • Product
  • SKU;
  • type;
  • category.
  • *Additional options can be accessed through our Market Segmentation Suite.

    Manage the efficiency

    Measure the effectiveness of follow ups sent with data on click-throughs, shopping cart restorations and conversions.

    • Specify Google Analytics tracking code for abandoned carts
    • Track customers who placed orders by clicking on the emailed link
    • Track links with abandoned cart recovery statistics
    • Track coupons

    Manage follow ups on-the-fly

    Manage follow ups massively or apply the required action to a particular email - preview, cancel or send it manually.

    • Sort and filter follow up emails by status, schedule, event, etc.
    • Perform mass actions to a bulk of FUE emails - cancel, send now or delete
    • Preview, send, cancel or delete emails manually right from the grid

    Add-on features

    In-depth segmentation
    With Follow Up Email extension you decide who gets what kind of message based on the actions they perform, but it might be a good idea to add customer profiles to the mix. Use customer groups created with the help of our Market Segmentation Suite as an additional filter for targeting your audience.

    Automated product selection
    The good thing about follow-up emails is that it’s a much more personal type of marketing. The bad thing is that crafting personal offers requires certain extra effort. Luckily, with the help of Who Bought This Also Bought and Automated Related Products extensions you won’t have to spend time figuring out which products to suggest to your recent shoppers.

    Permission marketing
    Receiving ads through follow-up emails is certainly annoying to some of your customers and might lead to erosion of your subscription base. In case you want to avoid that, use our Advanced Newsletter extension to ask shoppers what kind of information they are interested in, if any, and apply this data when segmenting your audience for follow-up emails.

    *SaleCycle, a remarketing company
    **RetailMeNot, a marketplace platform
    ***BIA/Kelsey, a research and advisory company

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    • 3.7.1
      Released 09.07.2018
      *Fixes for Magento Marketplace
    • 3.7.0
      Released 28.02.2017
      + possibility to capture email address when guest subscribes a newsletter
      * JavaScript error in the Admin Panel
      * Coupon expiration dates don't match
      * Variable "payment_html" in email is empty.
      * "Unsubscribed_customers" column is cleared after re-saving a rule
      * "Sales amount" field should be disabled for "Doesn't matter" value
    • 3.6.7
      * Fixed vulnerability issue
    • 3.6.6
      * Fix SQL injection vulnerability
    • 3.6.5
      * "Coupon expires after, days" must be a required field
      * Multiple rules triggered at the same time
      * Coupon expiration dates don't match
      * FUE extension doesn't show Advanced Newsletter templates
      * Second coupon could not be applied
      * Backend is lowed down when running FUE
      * Missed content type from request for image
    • 3.6.4
      * SUPEE-6788 compatibility issue
    • 3.6.3
      * Problem with “Customer submitted a review” cancellation event
      * Minor bugfixes
    • 3.6.2
      * Error while sending emails if payment method was deleted
      * The goto URL parameter of the url_resume variable didn’t work in multistore environment
    • 3.6.1
      * Minor bugfixes
    • 3.6.0
      + Option to unsubscribe from all follow up emails
      + "Customer submitted a review" event and cancellation event
      + 3 sample rules available after first-time installation
      + Responsive email directives (EE 1.14.1 & CE 1.9.1) support
      * Redirect to grouped product page if customer clicks on the child product link from email notification
      * Product images in order-related FUE emails
      * Problem with "Customer sumbitted a review" cancellation event
      * Minor bug fixes
    • 3.5.11
      + “Customer placed a new order” cancellation event for “Order obtained X status”
      * Notifications about abandoned carts were generated only once per each customer
      * Abandoned cart wasn’t restored by the resume link if persistent cart was enabled
      * Thumbnail directive didn’t work on multisite and multistore
      * Incorrect work with slave/master database configuration
      * Incorrect work of the “New customer sign up” event if account was created via backend
      * "All store views" option wasn’t displayed in the Follow Up Rules grid
      * Problem with the "Customer placed a new order" event
      * Incorrect work of the "Customer new subscription" cancellation event
    • 3.5.10
      + Notice in the backend if there are emails older than 3 days
      * Guests were not able to unsubscribe from newsletter
    • 3.5.9
      * The birthday rule validation worked incorrectly
      * Incorrect work of the expressions calculation in emails
    • 3.5.8
      * Problems with test emails sending
      * Minor bugfixes

    • 3.5.7
      * Minor bugfixes
    • 3.5.6
      + Stability and speed improvements
    • 3.5.5
      + Stability and speed improvements
    • 3.5.4
      * Minor bugfixes
    • 3.5.3
      + Abandoned cart emails can contain cross sells block
      * Price was missing in abandoned cart emails on Magento Enterprise
      * Cross sell block displayed prices in base currency only
      * Unnecessary styling removed from email preview page
      * incorrect link to grouped product in email
      * Send test email uses random customer even if order/cart id was specified
      * Product images were missing in emails
      * Guest name was missing in emails
      * Wrong currency in email on New abandoned cart appeared event
      * Memory lack on attempt to use 'Save and send test email' option

    • 3.5.2
      + SKU limit of 255 characters was eliminated
      + Option to disable triggering of duplicate events
      + 'Send Test Email' option improved
      + Brazilian Portuguese (pt_BR) locale added
      + sample 'Review request' templates updated
      * Problem with compilation
      * CSS styles in templates were ignored
      * Issues with cancellation event 'Customer placed a new order'
      * Typo in Google Analytics tab
      * Cron lock overrided Help Desk Ultimate's one
      * Issue with 'success' message on attempt to send test email
      * Unsubscribe option did not work
      * Issue with Magento version validation
      * Issue with integration of Automatic Related Products 2
      * Problem with parsing of template variables
      * Grammar error in unsubscribtion notice on frontend
      * Link to shopping cart removed from "Order changed it's status" template

    • 3.5.1
      * Minor bugfixes
    • 3.5.0
      + Compatibility with native Magento up-sells, cross-sells and related products
      + Compatibility with Who Bought This Also Bought extension by aheadWorks
      + Compatibility with Automatic Related Products 2 extension by aheadWorks (works with ARP 2.3.1+)
      + Improved lifetime of coupons
      + New template for reviewing product
      + Ability to set up the expiration date of a rule
      + Auto login function in emails
      + Template type was changed to "Text" by default
      * Incorrect cancellation of “Product was added to wishlist” event
      * Log problem
      * Coupon code expiration date
    • 3.4.3
      * Incorrect back link in emails for grouped products
      * “payment_html” variable added for new order templates
      * Incorrect cancellation of abandoned cart event
      * Incorrect coupon expiration date format
      * Minor bugfixes

    • 3.4.2
      * Minor bugfixes
    • 3.4.1
      * ‘New customer subscription’ event issue
      * Expired coupons removing problem
      * ‘Customer birthday’ event issue
      * ‘New abandoned cart appeared’ event issue
      * ‘Customer last activity’ event issue

    • 3.4.0
      + Ability to insert several coupons in one email
      * Multistore bugfixes

    • 3.3.4
      + PE compatibility
      * Fatal error on running cron
      * Emails sending improvements
      * Newsletter template disappears from FUE rules if it was changed
      * Minor bug fixes
    • 3.3.3
      * Minor bugfixes
    • 3.3.2
      * Incorrect titles for all FUE pages
      * Unexpected pop-up when sending email
      * Incorrect applying coupon code
      * Abandoned cart event doesn't create emails for registered customers
      * Incorrect work of coupon generation
      * Time zone bug in event Abandoned Carts
      * Layout directive problem
      * Cancellation events do not trigger for test emails
      * Order status history rules aren't processing
      * Category conditions problem

    • 3.3.1
      + Magento EE rewards points support
      + Mass actions in the Email Queue grid
      * New coupons codes are invalid
      * Impossibility to generate coupon code for the customer birthday event
      * Incorrect customer name in emails
      * Store URL problem
      * Incorrect work via HTTPS
      * Unsubscribe issue
      * 404 error in the link tracking grid
      * Unexpected coupon generation

    • 3.3.0
      + Stability and speed improvements
    • 3.2.0
      + Market Segmentation Suite extension integration
      + Store option view is selected by default
      * Incorrect processing of "Advanced Newsletter - Send only to subscribers of segments" rule option
      * Link Tracking grid sorting
      * Product type label displaying
      * adminhtml.xml added
      * Incorrect work of rule when Sale Amount condition is set to "Doesn't matter"
      * Sender details default value in general settings
      * Edit rule page error when Advanced Newsletter extension disabled
      * Z-Blocks extension reference
    • 3.1.3
      + Magento v. compatibility
      * Sale amount condition reset when editing rule in IE
    • 3.1.2
      * Minor bugfixes
    • 3.1.1
      + 'New customer signup' event
      + New 'Decimal' template filter modifier
      + Event cancelling by customer email only (not by email and initiator object)
      + Schedule more then one email on the same time
      + Mail encoding is UTF-8 now
      * url_resume in Multistore mode
      * Grouped products condition on order and cart-related events
      * BCC field is always empty in email preview
      * The URL generated via url_resume doesn't consider the store in Multistore
      * Sending test emails with empty test object IDs fields
      * Sending test emails on 'Customer birthday' event
      * Send E-mail from the Mail Log with certain conditions
    • 3.1.0
      + SKU filter
      + Сustomer group filter
      + Days, Hours, Minutes, and Before/After delay available
      + Integration with the AheadWorks Advanced Newsletter extension, targeting by its segments
      + 'Send only to newsletter subscribers' option moved grom general settings to the rule settings
      + Minor changes
      * Duplicate messages on order status events
    • 3.0.0
      + Core rebuild
      + Sender details configuration for each rule
      + Sale amount condition option for each rule
      + Multiple product type contition option for each rule
      + Category condition option for each rule
      + Event can cancel emails generated by other events
      + 'Send email copy to' option
      + 'Send test email' with test objects option
      + 'Send to subscribers only' option
      + Sender details for each rule
      + Newsletter Subscription checkbox on checkout page
      + Both Newsletter and Transactional Email templates are supported
      + New {{foreach }} template filter directive
      + New {{thumbnail }} template filter directive
      + New 'Price' and 'DateTime' template filter modifiers
      + Abandoned carts tracking and restoring for non-registered customers
      + Link to unsubscribe
      + Link to resume customer session with cart restoring option
      + Email queue with email preview
      + Manual email sending/cancelling/deleting option
      + Links tracking with detailed statistics
      + 'Customer came back by link sent' event added
      + 'Customer birthday' event
      + 'Customer logged in' event
      + 'Customer last activity' event
      + 'Wishlist shared' event
      + 'Product added to wishlist' event

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