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Advanced Reports: The Way to Find Growth Opportunities

We create our extensions for customers and their businesses, that’s our inner aspiration and thought behind any product idea.

Advanced Reports: The Way to Find Growth Opportunities

The Advanced Reports extension for Magento 2 follows the above principle and puts store owners’ needs to the forefront.

Advanced Reports for Magento 2

The current functionality of the extension is completely built on the requirements of Magento merchants. We analyze the needs of different popular Magento business segments and tailor the functionality to their particular expectations.

Fashion Brands

The drill-down logic implemented across all the reports allows clothing, accessories, jewelry, etc. brands to get fine-grained information regarding any sticking out sales results by certain products, categories, coupons and manufactures.

Furthermore, configurable products that are most common among apparel, shoes and sports retailers can be broken down into simple product components in just one click. The way back to the upper level is also streamlined with the provided breadcrumbs and standard browser ‘back’ button.

Advanced Reports also makes it easy to divide sales by manufacturers that is just necessary in this day and age. The power of brands is just obvious and this kind of breakdown may become very helpful for distinguishing perspective vendors and generating new sales.

Furniture Stores

Generating reports for bundle and configurable products is always difficult because of their compound nature. It’s easy to fall into the error working with their dynamic prices and other features. The focus on this known issue allowed us to ensure the accuracy of our reports containing configurable and bundle products traditional for Magento furniture stores.

Best for Retailers

As far as most of Magento stores are retail operators heavily dependent on the constancy of incoming orders, they need to keep track of sales averages, including Average Order Amounts and Average Item Final Prices. Any negative shift towards smaller orders or cheaper items may result in cash flow shortages or profit drops due to the relative increase in operating costs. Advanced Reports allow merchants to find the above warning signals and respond to them immediately.

Best for All

In addition to data accuracy and the tailored business fit the Advanced Reports extension is suitable for big and large catalogs and do not causes significant data provision delays. According to our tests, it successfully deals with Magento 2 Enterprise catalogs, e.g., containing up to several thousand SKUs and more.

So, first of all our Advanced Reports operate accurately, quickly, and take into account the requirements of all Magento based business segments.

Advanced Reports 2.0Advanced Reports 2.0

The next version of the extension is going to arrive till the end of this year and promises to bring a bag of new unique features, code and usability enhancements.

Unit Tests

The code of the Advanced Reports extension is going to be covered by unit tests extensively. This way, our new code quality standard will become available for the majority of our Magento 2 extensions.

Upcoming Features

We can’t unveil the upcoming functionality in details, but just can't resist the wish to drop a hint regarding the features the extension will obtain just soon. The next release will include both new and unique reports and sophisticated filtration and data mining options able to show your business from new angles unveiling the room for further business growth.

Advanced Reports 2.0 Summary

  • 10+ Reports;

  • Advanced Filtration Options;

  • New Visual Representation Options;

  • Improved Business Analytics;

  • Magento 2 Enterprise Edition Functionality Adoption and Integration.


We suppose that the above described natural way of evolution from properly serviced primary business needs to sophisticated general and niche features is the only possible path of development for all of our Magento 2 extensions. It allows us to smoothly enhance functionality opportunities and ensure desired efficiency throughout the whole product life cycle.

Advanced Reports Product Details

Send all the questions you have regarding this extension to our support team please.