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SEO Audit + Image Compression Update| How To Run A Website SEO Audit For Better SERP

SEO Audit + Image Compression Update| How To Run A Website SEO Audit For Better SERP

In any case, SEO is the long term strategy that is worth investing in. But how to improve your website’s SEO performance? The new functionality of SEO Audit + Image compression creates a steady base for a well-performed and fully optimized website able to attract qualified traffic and convert visitors into buyers.

ECommerce User Experience

ECommerce User Experience: How to Improve your Shopify Store

Brick-and-mortar and online shops have many differences, but one thing they have in common - the absolute priority for them is customer satisfaction.. No matter what your customers’ age, occupation, interests are, if they can’t find a product they need or face any other challenges, it won’t benefit. That’s why user experience (UX) is of primary importance for any store. 

How to create a free high converting landing page on Shopify?

How to create a free high converting landing page on Shopify?

Landing pages on Shopify or any other platform can serve as a free promotional tool for your products and services. However, depending on the way you build a landing page, it can cost you a penny. Today I’m going to share with you my personal experience of building a Shopify landing page and the difficulties I came up with during the process. 

Reasons to build a Shopify website from scratch

7 key reasons to create a Shopify store with Buildify Page Builder

Every year selling products and services online is getting easier. Only 10 years ago, online shopping used to be a technical venture that needed large investment and constant developers support. Today eCommerce is a prosperous sphere with over 2.14 billion customers around the world and about $5 trillion of income.

landing page components

5 key landing page components a successful Shopify store must have

Merchants want to attract more quality traffic while promoting their stores. By quality, we mean those who have a real interest in their products or services. Besides the costly advertising, there’s one more popular tool that, if well executed, could increase your store’s conversion rate up to 12% and that is,a well crafted landing page, a virtual assistant in sales. It is designed to simplify the offer process and eliminate distractions. That's why your landing page should be simple, catchy and highlight advantages in comparison with competitors’ landing pages.

Learn How You Can Improve SEO Ranking Immediately

SEO Audit + Image compression: Learn How You Can Improve SEO Ranking Immediately

The competition in eCommerce gets stronger every day. Merchants are always in search of effective solutions to drive more traffic to their websites. But what can handle this better than a good SEO tool? Aheadworks team agrees that SEO is the thing any eCommerce business should reckon with. Thereby we are happy to announce that we have expanded the possibilities of our SEO Audit + Image compression app.

benefits of page building tools

The guaranteed benefits one gets by using page building tools

For the last decade the eCommerce industry has undergone a lot of changes. The steps are taken in two main directions: functionality enhancement and operation simplification. Page builders are the tools working in both directions thanks to its simple though multifunctional interface. So today we’re going to discover if page builders are worth investing and learn how they work on the example of Buildify Landing Page Builder.