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aheadWorks Newsletter - March 2014

Occupying the lead position on Magento solutions market implies that every single day must be a step forward. We at aheadWorks follow that principle strictly, but never looking back is not wise - for it's the past that we learn lessons from.

So what were our achievements in March, 2014? What milestones have we hit? It's high time to recap!

Partnership Program Expansion

We have been lately putting much effort into developing a network of like-minded partners, and this endeavor is bearing fruit.

We've just recently introduced new (and definitely exciting!) partnership terms, and this month only, 7 new companies joined the ranks of our trusted official partners.

As of now, our network counts over 70 active partners, and we are working to further expand it.

If you represent a webdev company and deal with Magento often, you are welcome to join us!

Updated Extensions

In March, we have released 3 major updates loaded up with new exciting features.



Other Extensions Updates

The same month, another 12 modules received various tweaks and improvements.

AJAX Cart Pro 3.2.2

Search Autocomplete And Suggest 3.4.1

Add Free Product To Cart 1.1.5

Advanced Search 1.4.1

Gift Card/ Certificate 1.0.6

Custom Stock Status 1.2.3

Automatic Related Products 2.4.3

AJAX Catalog 1.0.9

Help Desk Ultimate 2.10.11

One Step Checkout 1.2.6

Pop-Up+ 1.2.4

Blog 1.3.2



We have provided our blog readers with a bulk of exciting and useful content, posting:




And of course, we should not forget the Imagine 2014 Discounted Tickets Lottery. Congrats to the winners!