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You Did It!

We have some very exciting news to share! The "aheadWorks extensions and development" group recently achieved an incredible milestone. The group has now gained the lead as the most active group in the Magento world! Best of all, the number of “aheadWorks extensions and development” subscribers is continuing to grow each day!

To us, this triumph indicates that aheadWorks Co. has gained incredible momentum and acceptance. In fact, our aheadWorks extensions have become highly-demanded and popular among Magento-based store owners.

However, we can’t take credit for this development – the congratulations go to YOU!

You see, each and every one of our subscribers enabled aheadWorks to exceed expectations. Consequently, we are very grateful for the patronage. We are also incredibly appreciative to our customers who always take an active role in the development of our exclusive extensions.

Moving forward, we invite you to continue to share your valuable ideas with us. Suggest new features, send us your thoughts, tell us what you want to see… we want to keep the lines of communication open! The more input you give us, the better products we can deliver.

If you haven’t joined the "aheadWorks extensions and development" group yet, do it today! You’ll have the opportunity to chat with individuals like you who want to make the most of their software investment. As our team members often say: If you want to become the best, you have to join the best. So become part of “aheadWorks extensions and development” now.

We’ll keep you apprised of future milestones. Thank you again for your tremendous support!