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Magento Extension Market is switching to a subscription model

Magento extension market is switching to a subscription model

In 2021, more global B2C and B2B companies are switching to the subscription-based business model as customers and businesses grow more demanding towards continuous delivery of product and service quality. Magento Marketplace has decided to make the step forward in this direction as well.

Taking this into account, we, along with the leading Magento extension providers, must adapt to the evolving demands so as to continue delivering innovative solutions and high-quality services. 

So, we’d like to announce that starting February 1, 2022, we are launching product subscriptions. It will entail that all products within new orders will become available by subscription only. The products purchased before this date will be maintained until the current support period expires. 

Switching to product subscriptions is not only about following the general global trend, it’s about providing customers with the highest quality and support. This will allow us to: 

  • Keep our products up to date with the release of security patch updates and newer versions of Magento;
  • Provide regular functional updates within the product line;
  • Offer full support coverage for the product.

It's great to become a part of the new Magento ecosystem aimed at higher product quality and customer service, constant development, yet stability. Let's make a step towards this innovative solution together.

Stay tuned for more details.