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Custom Stock Status for Magento 2

Influence purchasing decisions with appropriate stock status displayed.

  • Place custom stock statuses on category and product pages, and in a shopping cart
  • Assign custom statuses to specific product quantity ranges
  • Design stock statuses with an icon, image, and text
  • Subscribe customers to back-in-stock notifications
  • Choose back-in-stock and low-stock alert templates
Current extension version: 1.1.5 | Compatibility: Open Source 2.4.6 - 2.4.7; Commerce 2.4.6 - 2.4.7
Marketplace Approved

Marketplace Approved

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How to conduct customer behavior with Magento 2 Custom Stock Status

Replace native stock statuses with custom ones. Decide where to display and how to display. Define the product groups for stock status activation. Set up product quantity ranges that demand custom stock statuses. Suggest customers subscribe for back-in-stock emails. Encourage to come back to the store with low-stock alerts

Customize and Set Attractive Stock Statuses, Provide Precise Stock Information to Customers

Make relevant offers

Cover multiple strategies to gain the maximum from both immediate and delayed purchases.

Be precise with your promo


Use conditions to emphasize specific product groups based on quantity ranges, attributes, etc.

Make products visible


Highlight low-stock products among others on a category page.

Show purchase-boosting content

Set one of the predefined display options. Manipulate design elements to affect customer behavior in different ways.

Use text as the main info source


Deliver relevant stock details, e.g. the date when a product will be available again, etc;

Upload images and icons


Draw particular customer reactions with fancy updates on a product stock;

Combine text+image/icon


Amplify the message of a custom status to attract extra attention.

Re-engage customers

Surpass the simple informative role of the Get Product Stock Status extension for Magento 2 and build an effective customer return program.

Gain revenue from abandoned carts


Turn abandoned carts into a complete order by sending low-stock alerts;

Automate notifications


Indicate a number of items considered a low stock to set off the abandoned cart alert sending;

Actualize postponed purchases


Notify customers on positive stock status changes of unavailable products.

Support restock operations

Gather statistics on customer interest to refill the stock with the most popular items. Use the subscription and notification grids to stay constantly aware of the most relevant stock info.

Get the grasp of customer demand


Analyze the number of subscriptions to out-of-stock products and plan your promo strategy;

Supply your store in time


Gather the info on a subscription date to deliver precise services;

Reduce technical issues


Track notification statuses to make sure your emails are delivered properly.

Magento 2 Custom Stock Status Extension - Features

Customer Involvement

  • Display stock statuses product and category page, shopping cart stock status
  • Combine text, icon and image display modes
  • Allow subscribing to back-in-stock product news in accordance with GDPR
  • Enable the Privacy Policy checkbox
  • Select email templates for low stock alerts and back-in-stock notifications

Backend Configuration

  • Trigger custom stock status display based on product quantity or quantity range
  • Show Custom Stock Status along with the native stock status
  • Indicate the product quantity for low stock alert
  • Specify the CMS page for the Privacy Policy link
  • Analyze notification requests and customer demand
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  • 1.1.5
    Released 17.05.2024
    * Fixed issue with adding an attachment on the Custom Stock Statuses page in Admin dashboard
  • 1.1.4
    Released 11.04.2024
    * Fixed issue with sending email when bundle product back in stock
  • 1.1.3
    Released 23.01.2024
    * Fixed issue for Magento Marketplace
  • 1.1.2
    Released 17.01.2024
    * Fixed issue with updating stock status according to stock status rule
  • 1.1.1
    Released 03.01.2024
    * Fixed issue with the visibility of 'Email me when back in Stock' option in wish list
  • 1.1.0
    Released 12.12.2023
    + 'Email When in Stock' option for the Related/Up-Sell/Cross-Sell product views
    * Fixed issue with displaying price in the notification email
    * Fixed issue with displaying an icon when text is not configured
  • 1.0.8
    Released 12.04.2023
    + Compatibility with Magento 2.4.6
    * Fixed issue with displaying the category pages
  • 1.0.7
    Released 05.08.2022
    * Product isn't restocked though it's available when MSI is set
    * Price of bundle/grouped products is 0
    * When the only option is out of stock, demand can't be created
    * Custom stock status isn't displayed in cart for virtual, downloadable and GC product types
    * Fixed possible conflicts with extensions that move scripts to the bottom of the page
    * “Email Me When Back in Stock” button is displayed for in-stock products
    * Fixed error in console when custom stock status contains apostrostrophe
    * Notification requests grid isn't displayed correctly
  • 1.0.6
    Released 07.06.2022
    + Compatibility with Magento 2.4.4
    * Fixed issue with module installation for Magento 2.4.4
  • 1.0.5
    Released 24.03.2022
    +Declarative schema upgrade
  • 1.0.4
    Released 02.11.2021
    +Indexer optimization
    *Fixed issue with reindex performance time
  • 1.0.3
    Released 21.04.2021
    * Fixed issue for Magento Marketplace
    * Low Stock Alert isn't sent
  • 1.0.2
    Released 24.03.2021
    * "Email Me When Back in Stock" button isn't displayed on category page.
    * An error appears in logs when product is deleted
    * An error appears in logs when user is deleted
    * Low stock alert template isn't loaded
    * New Product SKU/Name isn't displayed in grids after being changed
  • 1.0.1
    Released 28.08.2020
    + Magento 2.4 compatibility
  • 1.0.0
    Released 03.06.2019
    * Initial release

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