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Introduction to Advanced Subscription Products

General information

The Advanced Subscription Products is a Software as a Service (SaaS) solution that enables you to sell products through a subscription model on a Magento 2 store. Subscriptions are securely stored on our servers, ensuring optimal store performance.

Admins can easily create diverse subscription plans with Advanced Subscription Products, incorporating various fee types (trial, initial, % of regular), installments, payment schedules, subscription extension options, and more. These plans can be easily assigned to products, allowing customization according to each product's specific characteristics. The extension supports most types of products.

Admins can manage the subscriptions purchased with the help of specially-designed grids, and keep customers informed on any updates to their subscriptions with the help of configurable email notifications. Customers can add both subscriptions and one-off products to their cart. Subscriptions with the same shipping date, even from different orders, can be delivered together, saving on delivery costs. Additionally, customers can benefit from powerful subscription monitoring and editing options, accessible at any time.

Advanced Subscription Products comes with the following features:

    • Editing options and quantity of products within the subscription: permanent or one-time-only editing;
    • On-the-fly editing, extending and resuming of active subscriptions from front-end; 
    • Combined shopping cart for single and recurring purchases;
    • Support of Advanced Pricing for subscriptions;
    • Free shipping for subscriptions only;
    • Support of various payment gateways and other payment options;
    • Cohesive processing of same-day subscription orders; 
    • Installments Mode for product custom options;
    • Separate scheduling of subscription trial and regular fees;
    • Simple, virtual, configurable, bundle, and downloadable products can be configured as subscriptions;
    • Email notifications on updates to subscription payments and subscription status;
    • Web API and GraphQL support;
    • An option to apply the Lowest Possible Price for recurring orders.

API documentation


Extension Logic


Initial setup:

  • Configure general settings
  • Create subscription plans
  • Assign these plans to the products

Now, you're all set to start selling products as subscriptions.

Once set up and running, Advanced Subscription products create recurring orders on schedule, according to the Subscription plans. All subscriptions are securely stored on our servers, ensuring optimal performance without burdening your store's resources. 

Each subscription is saved in the subscription profile.

A customer can have multiple subscriptions (subscription profiles).

Customers can manage their subscriptions in My Account > My Subscriptions on your site.

Not logged in customers receive a secure link to a special page where they can manage their subscriptions virtually to the same extent as registered customers.





Module Version Magento Version PHP
As of version 3.0.0 2.4.4 - 2.4.6 8.1

Advanced Subscription Products is Hyvä-compatible. 



Known issues

  1. Currently, checkout with multiple addresses is not supported.
  2. Downloadable products with $0 price and multiple custom options are known to work incorrectly. 
  3. A bug in Magento 2.3.2 reveals itself in an error in response to an attempt to edit configurable products added to Cart (or ordered products). Editing products within a subscription is not possible if your Magento store is of version 2.3.2.
  4. There have been reported cases when payment cards request the 3D Secure password, even for recurring payments made with Stripe. 
  5. Product Price on the Subscription Profile page is not displayed correctly, when the subscription is purchased against a Tier price.
  6. After adding an item to the cart and creating an order, the initial fee price specified for a subscription may change slightly (within $ 0.1). Changes in the initial fee depend on the number of options in the bundle and the qty of products in these options.
  7. On the order page bundle’s child product price does not convert in the selected currency, but the total price of the bundle is displayed correctly.
  8. Products don't appear on the Category page with Bundle products. The issue is reproduced for a bundle product with the subscription type “Subscription only“. We recommend setting up products with the Subscription type “Optional” or disabling these products. 
  9. Subscriptions made with the Mollie payment method are not merged due to Mollie's native behavior of sending a new payment token for each subscription.


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