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Advanced Reports for Magento 2

Make data-driven business decisions using reports tailored to your specific needs.

Current extension version: 3.2.1 | Compatibility: Open Source 2.4.6 - 2.4.7; Commerce 2.4.6 - 2.4.7
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Marketplace Approved

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LangShop Compatible

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KPI analysis is crucial for building successful sales and marketing strategies. However, it requires lots of resources and professional skills to gather accurate data, vital for specific business needs. What’s more, it is time-consuming to structure and process massive statistics in order to have access to various metrics of particular periods. Inaccurate data or lack of metrics to compare may have a negative impact on your business decisions.


Gather data fast and accurately with reports tailored to your business needs! The data reported comes via 10 report widgets and 13 reports made against a variety of metrics providing a comprehensive overview of your web store performance. Monitor profit and product performance to build sales and marketing strategies. Collect statistics on particular product attributes for deep and precise analysis of customers’ preferences. Schedule and email all necessary reports to be always aware of your store performance.

Build efficient sales strategy

Analyze KPIs and make decisions to raise the efficacy of your strategies for pricing, marketing, and selling. Rely on the wide range of report types to make smart project changes and forecast steps: Sales Overview, Traffic and Conversions, Abandoned Carts, Customer Sales, Product Performance, Sales Detailed reports, and more. Access reports easily, contrast and compare data, email data to people you trust, export and import selected statistics.

Sales overview

Sales overview

Gather data on multiple sales activities such as sales by categories, product attributes, location, coupon codes, payment types, and manufacturer. View detailed sales statistics focusing on shipping, billing, tax, customer type, or any other indices from the 45-option list.

Product performance

Product performance

Find out what products are best-selling and drive more revenue to optimize marketing campaigns. Filter data by SKU, product attributes, quantity and etc. See the total number of sales of each item and compare product performance in different periods of time.

Advanced Reports for Magento 2
Traffic and conversion

Traffic and conversion

Monitor and analyze profit totals, conversion rate, number of orders, the number of items ordered, average order value, invoices, and refunds to make beneficial business decisions.

Advanced Reports for Magento 2
Customer behavior analysis

Customer behavior analysis

Examine customer behavior to adapt your sales strategy to any changes. See the number of total unique visitors, repeat customer information, abandoned cart rate to offer better deals and discounts. 

Advanced Reports for Magento 2
Data comparison

Data comparison

Compare the volume of sales, conversion rates, average order value, and other metrics within predefined or custom time periods to forecast future sales. Overlay charts and trends for more visual contrast.

Advanced Reports for Magento 2
Reports dashboard

Reports dashboard

Have all the important metrics at hand on a well-organized dashboard. The KPIs are presented split by 8 configurable numeric and 2 chart widgets giving access to detailed reports.

Advanced Reports for Magento 2
Customize data representation

Customize data representation

Feel free to control the layout of your reports to see exactly what you need by filtering data, arranging columns, and even exporting tables to CSV/XML. 

Advanced Reports for Magento 2
Advanced settings

Advanced settings

Tweak reports in bulk or individually. Employ the general settings of the extension or the report settings to allow customizing column names, selecting data for email, and more.

Advanced Reports for Magento 2
Scheduled emailing

Scheduled emailing

Configure mailing schedule and send selected reports to multiple addresses, thus keeping everyone up-to-date about current store performance.

Advanced Reports for Magento 2
Customer Segmentation

Customer Segmentation

Filter the reports data selecting the particular customer segment with Customer Segmentation for Magento 2 Integration. Gather data on sales activities of certain customer groups adding a filter available for Sales Overview, Product Performance, Product Variation Performance, Sales by Category, Sales by Coupon Code, Sales by Payment Type, Sales by Manufacturer, Traffic and Conversions, Product Conversion, Customer Sales, Sales by Location, Sales by Product Attributes, Sales Detailed, Orders Detailed, Sales by Hour reports. Save the filter setting in drill-down scenarios.

Stock vs. Sold Report

Stock vs. Sold Report

Stock vs. Sold report is a valuable tool for businesses of all sizes. It can help you improve your inventory management, prevent stockouts, optimize your inventory levels, make better pricing decisions, and manage your cash flow.

More features

Sales by Category reports

Explore which product category is more popular among users.

Sales by Coupon Code report

Find out how many acts of sale resulted over the given time with the use of a coupon.

Sales by Product Attributes report

Evaluate sales figure by particular product attributes.

Customer Sales report

View the sales volume in details by custom sales ranges.

Sales by Payment Type report

Explore sales indicators grouped by payment methods.

Sales by Manufacturer report

Analyze which manufacturer is more converting.

Sales by Location report

Get access to the data on sales within a particular state/region.

Dashboard bookmarks

Enable multiple dashboard views with various widgets and time ranges.

Data presentation

Perceive metrics easily with colorful totals, on-hover details, dual Y-axis charts.

Report drill-down

Get an instant overview of sales thanks to reporting drill-down.

‘Forecast: Sales’ widget

Plan future business strategy taking into account generated sales forecasts.

Data emailing

Set report settings and select data necessary for emailing.

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  • 3.2.1
    Released 08.05.2024
    * Fixed issue with displaying title on navigation menu in Admin
    * Fixed issue with displaying action buttons on the right side of the Toolbar
  • 3.2.0
    Released 04.04.2024
    + Integration with Aheadworks B2B Company Accounts for Magento 2
    + Integration with Adobe Commerce B2B Company Accounts
  • 3.1.0
    Released 17.01.2024
    + Data comparison in the reports grid
    + A "Compare to" checkbox for the Sales by Category report
    + An option to send reports from the Report page
    + An option to send reports daily or on custom dates
    * Fixed issue with moving grid columns in the Sales by Category and Product Conversion reports
  • 3.0.0
    Released 23.10.2023
    + Stock vs Sold Report
    + Attribute filter for reports
    + Integration with Customer Segmentation
    + Report indexers refactoring
    + Indexer optimization
    + Filter by Customer Segments for the Traffic and Conversions report
    + Filter by Customer Segments for the Product Conversion report
    + Filter by Customer Segments for the Customer Sales report
    + Filter by Customer Segments for the Sales by Location report
    + Filter by Customer Segments for the Sales by Product Attributes report
    + Filter by Customer Segments for the Sales Detailed report
    + Filter by Customer Segments for the Orders Detailed report
    + Filter by Customer Segments for the Sales by Hour report
    * Fixed issue with displaying all simple products in the Product Variant Performance report
    * Fixed issue with the console
    * Fixed issue with displaying an empty string of totals in the CSV export file of the "Sales by Category" report
  • 2.11.4
    Released 11.10.2022
    * Fixed issue with the "aw_arep_datetime_hour" table
    * Fixed issue with highlighting the "Last Month" date range in the calendar
    * Fixed issue with sorting the Country list in filters
    * Fixed issue with Price rounding in the exported file
  • 2.11.3
    Released 14.06.2022
    + Compatibility with Magento 2.4.4
    * Fixed issues for Magento Marketplace
  • 2.11.2
    Released 27.05.2022
    * Fixed issue with module installation for Magento 2.4.4
  • 2.11.1
    Released 06.04.2022
    +Declarative schema upgrade
    *Fixed issue with extension tables
  • 2.11.0
    Released 22.12.2021
    + Speed up full reindex
    + Previous/Next period button for Calendar
    + Minor improvements
    * Fixed ACL issues
    * Impossible to compare dates
    * Added some strings to CSV file
    * Fixed design issue for "Load Template" button appears

  • 2.10.0
    Released 31.08.2021
    +Filter by Customer Segments for Sales Overview, Product Performance, Product Variation Performance, Sales by Category, Sales by Coupon Code, Sales by Payment Type, Sales by Manufacturer reports
    +Save the filter setting in drill-down scenarios
    +Enable filter by customer segments from reports configuration
    +Added information about customer segments to the reports UI
    +Added filter by customer segment to the Sales Overview, Product Performance, Product Variation Performance, Sales by Category, Sales by Coupon Code, Sales by Payment Type, Sales by Manufacturer reports UI
    +Added customer segment data to the Sales Overview, Product Performance, Product Variation Performance, Sales by Category, Sales by Coupon Code, Sales by Payment Type, Sales by Manufacturer reports index tables
    *The issue with the error appearing in console when creating tables in a database with a prefix is fix
  • 2.9.0
    Released 09.08.2021
    + "Sales by Hour" report
    + Chart for "Sales by Hour" report
    + "Other Discounts" column for "Sales by Hour" report
    * Fixed issue with the default currency display instead of a base currency
    * Fixed issue with "Discounts" and "Other Discounts" lines colors
  • 2.8.7
    Released 15.07.2021
    *Magento v2.4.2: errors occur in devtools when date box is clicked
    *Fixed issue with filters in the "Customer Sales" report grid
    *Fixed issue with missing arrow elements in calendar
    *Ranges fields aren't deleted in the extension settings
  • 2.8.6
    Released 09.07.2021
    +Notification of absence Google Maps API Key in the general AR settings
    +Google API keys option for GeoChart
    *Fixed issue with inability to use the GeoChart without Google API keys
    *Fixed issue with reports backend menu items display

  • 2.8.5
    Released 22.12.2020
    * Sending emails (CC, BCC) is fixed
    * Calendar styles fixed, for cases when Merge CSS Files is enabled
  • 2.8.4
    Released 22.10.2020
    * Fixes related to cron job work
  • 2.8.3
    Released 22.07.2020
    * Fixed issue when styles are broken with Minify CSS Files enabled
    * Orders with custom statuses are not shown
    * Fixed issue with calendar
    * Some reports show incorrect data if row_id field and entity_id field of products are different
    * Fixed issue with calculation on product perfomance tab
    * Selected timezone isn't taken into account while showing the data
    * Minor design fixes
  • 2.8.2
    Released 24.04.2020
    * Fixed issue when incorrect folder names caused fatal errors
  • 2.8.1
    Released 27.01.2020
    * Fixed issue for Magento Marketplace
  • 2.8.0
    Released 27.12.2019
    + Scheduled email reports
    + Ability to select columns for scheduled email reports
    + Extra columns for 'Sales Detailed' report
  • 2.7.3
    Released 20.12.2019
    * Fix for Magento Marketplace
  • 2.7.2
    Released 05.12.2019
    * Customer Sales report speed improvement
    * Magento EQP tests fix
  • 2.7.1
    Released 11.01.2019
    + Magento 2.3 compatibility
  • 2.7.0
    Released 12.07.2018
    + "Total" calculation improvement in "per_order" reports
    * Database gets locked when reindex is running in Magento 2.1.x
  • 2.6.1
    Released 25.01.2018
    + Reports Dashboard (including numerical and chart widgets)
    + Dual Y-axis Charts
    + "Compare to" option for the majority of the reports
    + "Compare to" functionality for Dashboard widgets
    + "Compare to" option for Bar Charts
    + "Compare to" option for blocks with totals
    + Calendar selector UI refactoring
    + "Week to Date" date range
    + "Month to Date" date range
    + "This Month Forecast" widget for Dashboard
    + Additional charts
    + Design improvements
    + Unit tests coverage for version 2.6
    * Price isn't converted according to the selected website currency
    * Reports grid: some issues appear when compared period is enabled
    * Error appears after sorting "Sales Range" column in "Customer Sales" report
    * "Wrong breadcrumbs" issue
    * Error appears on Reports Dashboard page in some cases
    * Days of the Week are shown in wrong order
    * Compilation issues
    * False qty of abandoned carts is shown on Dashboard
    * Incorrect percentage value for the compared blocks
  • 2.5.2
    Released 28.11.2017
    * Fixes for Magento Marketplace
  • 2.5.1
    Released 25.10.2017
    * Sales by Manufacturer depends on attribute name
    * No statistics in Sales Detailed report
    * Unavailable dates can be selected
    * Magento 2.2 compatibility
    * Sales Overview page can't be loaded (+solution)
  • 2.5.0
    Released 31.05.2017
    + Customer Sales report
  • 2.4.0
    Released 10.05.2017
    + Abandoned Carts report
    + Sales by Location report
  • 2.3.0
    Released 30.03.2017
    + Customer group filter
    + Compare periods
  • 2.2.0
    Released 15.03.2017
    + Traffic and Conversions report
    * AR affects index mode change
    * MySQL 5.7 compatibility issue
  • 2.1.0
    Released 02.02.2017
    + Sales by Product Attribute report
    + Profit calculation for Product Performance
    + Per report order status settings
    * Bookmarks now save graphs and report settings
  • 2.0.0
    Released 18.01.2017
    + Sales Detailed report
    + Code refactoring
    + Filter products by name and SKU
    + Performance Improvement
    + Unit tests coverage
    + Multiple paramenters for charts
    + Index management
    + Block of report totals
    + Bar chart for product performance report
    * Timezones issue
  • 1.0.3
    Released 12.10.2016
    * Magento 2.1 composer.json compatibility
  • 1.0.2
    Released 26.07.2016
    + Added support for php v7 in composer
    + Compatible with Magento 2.1.0
  • 1.0.1
    Released 11.07.2016
    * Configurable SKU displayed incorrectly
    * Time zone - incorrect date of sale
    * Some reports not displayed/don't open at Admin
    * Incorrect pagination
    * Dates with orders are skipped on the graph
    * Incorrect date conversion after location change
  • 1.0.0
    Initial release 27.06.2016

Product Questions

I have set a time period but no orders are displayed in reports. What can be wrong?
Question by: Guest User on Nov 27, 2018, 1:59 PM
Most likely there are no orders with Complete status placed within the configured date range.
I would suggest that you check Order Statuses selected in general Advanced Reports settings as well as in the settings of a report viewed.
Answer by: Tatiana Poleshchuk on Nov 27, 2018, 2:00 PM
I noticed that Sales Detailed is not showing shipping. Is this something this report should do or can do?
Question by: Jack on Jun 3, 2019, 12:06 PM
As Sales Detailed displays information about the products purchased within an order (not the whole order), no shipping information is available - it is an order related information that is displayed in the Sales Overview report.
Answer by: Tatiana Poleshchuk on Jun 3, 2019, 12:07 PM
Is there an option to include a field for Payment Gateway, when producing a sales report? I would like to have information showing payment coming from Paypal or SagePay. And not only Credit card (Saved) & Check / Money order
Is this possible?
Question by: Guest on Aug 12, 2016, 2:47 PM
The information about payment method is taken from the actual orders, so it will show all methods which were used in the selected period, exactly how they are displayed in the orders, even if that payment method is inactive or has been renamed.
Answer by: aheadWorks on Aug 12, 2016, 2:50 PM
We need a conversion report. When are you planning to implement it?
Question by: Kate on Jan 19, 2017, 11:15 AM
The Conversion report is available since version 2.2.0.
Answer by: Aheadworks on Jan 19, 2017, 11:29 AM
I don't know what files are being indexed.
Question by: Julia Gorobets on Apr 29, 2022, 6:44 AM
Our Advanced Reports reindexes orders via cron, so please make sure that the data is reindexed and your cron is up and running properly.
To check the indexer of Advanced Reports, it is required to navigate into the following tab: System > Index Management
Also, I would suggest checking that required Order Statuses are selected in the general settings of Advanced Reports.
Answer by: Julia Gorobets (Admin) on Apr 29, 2022, 11:23 AM
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