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50% price cut on all our extensions upgrade

It might have come to your attention that Magento has officially announced that its support for Professional Edition will not be around for much longer. And yet, we've been receiving a lot of positive feedback regarding our decision to move on with PE continuing to support our PE customers.

In response to an escalating anxiety – that we have been witnessing for a while now – regarding the upgrade possibility for the would-be legacy PE version, aheadWorks is coming up with a swift and delicate solution: a smooth transition to Magento’s superior product – Enterprise Edition. We reply to your doubts with a considerable 50% price cut on all our extensions upgrade as well as additional 10% discount for the migration process.

We will make sure the process runs smooth and steady, making your transition as effortless and painless for you as it is only possible. Within 70 to 120 working hours, your PE will be history while you will be facing a brand-new world-class product – the Enterprise Edition. Your input is as little as letting us know which PE version you are running, what information you’d like to keep, what looks you’d like your EE store to have and the list of extensions you are currently using.

Let me guide you through the whole process, reply any of your questions, provide all the relevant information on the subject and just be your single contact point for all Magento-related inquiries.

Kindly reach out to me directly via email: [email protected] or skype: max.krukovsky.


Max Krukovsky

Lead Account Manager at aheadWorks