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Advanced Newsletter User Guide is available for downloading!

We are happy to announce that the Advanced Newsletter User Guide is available for downloading now! The User Guide is intended for the Advanced Newsletter extension users as well as for those who only planning to purchase this aheadWorks software.

This User Manual aims to explain in layman’s terms how Advanced Newsletter works. It introduces you to the software settings and gives you detailed and illustrated description of the following aspects:

  • Advanced Newsletter configuration

    This Guide will help you to escape any difficulties while setting up the Advanced Newsletter extension.

  • Managing segments

    Find out how to add new segments and edit the existing ones. From this section you will learn how the default subscription works as well.

  • SMTP configuration

    The User Guide describes how to create and configure a third party SMTP server.

  • Auto-managing rules

    If you don’t know how to set up auto-managing rules, this section is exactly what is worth reading.

  • Managing subscribers

    Learn how to edit, add new and synchronize your subscribers with MailChimp.

  • Customer’s subscriptions

    With this section you will be able to look at the extension work from customers’ point of view.

Download the Advanced Newsletter User Guide right now from the extension page!