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Advanced Reports 2.0.7 released

To make your business thriving, you should always remain abreast of all the events and keep track of your sales activities. An elaborately made report is probably the best tool for managerial control and appreciation of sales.

The Advanced Reports extension with a set of additional units serves to help you create a complete picture of your business situation. With this user-friendly software you are able to run reports by countries, hours, days of the week, product, customer group or any other criteria. Thus you can obtain more sales information and analyze your current activities with minimal efforts.

aheadWorks periodically releases new versions to make the extensions more functional and stable. Today we are ready to announce the release of Advanced Reports v.2.0.7 where the following bugs have been fixed:

  • Rows missed in "Sales Report"

  • Column entitled as "Cost" should have "Price" title in "Sales Report"

  • adminhtml.xml added

  • Empty report export error

  • Country name is not shown when chart is disabled in "Sales by Country"

  • "Show Report for" option wrong behavior

  • Months missed in reports

  • Incorrect "Total" calculation in "Sales Report"

  • Orders column is empty in Magento 1.4

  • Wrong data if billing address is absent in "Sales by Country"

  • Today's orders missed

  • Values missed in report's totals in "Sales"

  • Memory problems in "Sales Report"

Please find more information on the Advanced Reports page.