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aheadWorks Newsletter – May 2013

I want to start this aheadWorks newsletter with the awesome news - aheadWorks leveled up to Magento Platinum Industry Partner! This transition to a new partnership level is anticipated since at present more than 25,000 Magento merchants and 40+ official partners in 100 countries are using our high-grade extensions and themes.

‘Platinum Partnership means a lot to us. It acknowledges our expertise in Magento extensions and themes development and provides guarantees that our customer service is top notch.

It was a long way to go to become leading players in Magento universe and it looks like we made it‘,
– Artyom Rabzonov, the CEO at aheadWorks, states.

Magento Platinum Industry Partner




New Extensions

April happened to be a really productive month - we released 4 new Magento modules! No wonder as our developers team was inspired by adding 3 more Magento and Zend PHP certificates to their achievements collection ;)


Shipping Price

With the FREE Shipping Price module, you can use any Magento shipping method and inform your customers about shipping price of every product. The price is displayed on product, category, or product and category pages.

Inform your visitors how much they should pay for the product shipping, so they can decide whether the price suits them before making a purchase.

Download Shipping Price right now!

Shipping Price

Activity Stream

With the Activity Stream extension for Magento, you can let your customers see what is happening at the current moment. Recent actions are displayed in the block that can be easily added to any place of your site and doesn’t affect any elements of the page. Moreover, you have a possibility to hide some activities from your visitors and focus their attention on the required ones.

The effectiveness of the extension is clear: visitors are influenced by activities of other people; they take the situation as a recommendation for further behavior and start experimenting and discovering your store.

Find the Activity Stream features on the plugin page.

Activity Stream

Customer Attributes

With the Customer Attributes Magento extension, you are able to get any information about new customers and already existed ones. The extension gives you a possibility to create additional customer attributes and display them on the registration form or in the customer account area to allow logged in visitors to manage their data.

The Customer Attributes Magento module makes it possible to create different types of attributes such as image, attachment, dropdown, etc. All attributes parameters are located at one place, so the process of collecting info about your clients starts in several simple steps.

Learn more about this module on the Customer Attributes page.

Customer Attributes

Store Locator

The Store Locator Magento extension is an amazing tool for merchants who have physical locations of retailers. The module gives you help in adding store addresses to the website and navigating visitors to the required one.

You can create as many locations as you need - they will be displayed in a pleasant vertical presentation on a separate page. Just specify the address of your store and see how it will be automatically detected on the map. Let your customers easily find the page with addresses by adding store locations URL to the top Magento links. Customers get to know all existed locations on the map and view the detailed information about them by clicking the store icon.

Try the demo on the Store Locator page

Store Locator




New Service


We have been bombarded with requests to develop a comprehensive and easy-to-use analytics tool for online stores. And we did it! aheadMetrics, currently in beta version, will give you all-round analytics of eCommerce stores real-time with sales, customers and products data measurable in any dimensions.


We charge nothing for aheadMetrics. Start using the service and collect reports indicating your profit rates by moving to aheadMetrics website and creating your account in a couple of minutes.


Browse through aheadMetrics features, try it for your webstore and get back to us with your opinion.





Updated Extensions

Shop By Brand

Shop By Brand

2 features
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AJAX Cart Pro

AJAX Cart Pro

4 features / 8 bugfixes
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Refer a Friend

Refer a Friend

1 bugfix
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