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Booking and Reservations 1.1 released

The hottest aheadWorks Co. news of today is the long-expected release of the Booking and Reservations Magento extension. We have analyzed the necessities, requests and wishes of our customers and implemented the asked-for features in the new version. The main of them are:

    • Price rules (seasonal pricing). The extension allows setting different prices for different time periods, e.g. you can specify prices for hotel rooms to be higher in summer and lower in winter. There is also a possibility to make prices rise or reduce gradually during some period of time. The automatic character of prices calculating and displaying saves much of your time.


    • Excluded days. You can specify the days or periods when the products/services are not available for booking.


    • Reservation details in cart and orders page. The customers have a possibility to view the details of the reservation in their cart.


    • Ability to switch off shipping for exact product. The Booking and Reservations Magento extension allows you to disable shipping for a specific products/services.

To observe the whole list of features please visit the extension page.