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Checkout Promo 1.0 Released

Checkout Promo Magento ExtensionsThis is another powerful sales motivation extension - you can entice your customers to spend more to receive this or that benefit. "Buy X to get a discount", "Spend not less than Y to get a gift", "Buy product N to get K for free" and many other sales formulas can be successfully implemented using this extension. You can create as many rules as you wish and satisfy requirements even of the biggest ecommerce players.

Sample View


    • Multiple configurable blocks positioning on checkout and shopping cart pages


    • Customizable rules based covering any combination of order and cart items attribute set


    • Rules priority, start and expiration datesRule information


    • Websites and customer groups based rules


    • Customizable blocks defined in CMS Static Blocks section


    • Unlimited number of rulesRules List


    • Multiple promo blocks on page


    • Easy 2-minutes installation


    • Meets Magento programming practices for most versions and customizations compatibility

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