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Divide and conquer with the newest versions of our Magento extensions

Target marketing can be the key to business success. But what’s the secret? Divide and conquer.

This simple idea underlies the target marketing. Break the market into segments and concentrate your marketing efforts on the key group of potential customers.

Today we release the aheadWorks Magento extensions that were modified for you to get the best results in your target marketing. With their help, your promotions and sales become easier and more cost-effective.


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Create an unlimited number of static blocks and content items with the Z-Blocks Magento extension. You don’t need to manually change your template and layout files every time you want to add an advertising banner or some specific applicable information.

Today we release Z-Blocks v.2.2.6 with the following bugs fixed:

  • Market Segmentation Suite integration issue

  • Incorrect saving of Schedule Date fields

Go to the Z-Blocks product page for additional information and demo version of the extension!

The Follow Up Email extension for Magento is a powerful auto-responder and customer relationship tool that helps keep your site in the customer’s mind always.

Use this automated email follow up Magento module and you’ll never lose track of your customers even if they have abandoned their shopping carts.

Today we are glad to release Follow Up Email v.3.4 with the Multistore bug fixed.

With the newest version of this Magento extension you can insert several coupons in one email.

Visit the Follow Up Email product page to find the complete description of this Magento extension.

Follow Up Email

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Advanced Newsletter

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The Advanced Newsletter Magento extension will help you increase your subscriber base with a highly customizable user interface and targeted sign-up options, while the segmentation features let you target your subscribers with the most relevant content.

New 2.2 version of the Advanced Newsletter module has been released with the following bugs fixed:

  • AJAX Layer in IE 7/8 issues

  • Additional settings validation

  • Minor bugfixes

Learn more about the extension features and play with the Advanced Newsletter demo on the product page.

Today we are ready to announce the release of Market Segmentation Suite v.1.2.1 – a powerful and sophisticated targeted selling platform allowing you to plan and execute your marketing and merchandising strategies with pinpoint accuracy.

Since the last version, the following features have been added:

  • "Gender" condition added to list of Market Segmentation Suite rules

  • Ability to filter customers by gender

In Market Segmentation Suite v.1.2.1, some bugs have been fixed:

  • Applying rule based on product history caused error

  • Product attributes issues in product history condition

  • Incorrect redirection from customer page

  • Filter issues

  • Minor bugfixes

Find the extension demo and features on the Market Segmentation Suite page.

Market Segmentation Suite

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