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Ease the Problem of Choice with Product Color Swatches Magento Extension

What color is preferable: green or red, orange or black? What material is the most appropriate for this or that item? Tastes differ, and customers face the problem of choice each time they buy a configurable product. Merchants need to give them a hand in solving this dilemma.

Product Color Swatches

With the Product Color Swatches Magento extension, creation of configurable products becomes as easy as pie. Picture swatches added by a store administrator show visitors what variations for each product attribute are available. All they need is hover the mouse over these swatches to see how the item looks in the chosen color, material, size, etc.

All types of Magento attributes are supported by Product Color Swatches. The module improves native functionality of the platform without making considerable changes. Images of high-resolution, uploaded by merchants, help customers to view the configurable products as if they lay on shelves of a physical shop.

Today we are really glad to release the Product Color Swatches Magento extension. You can order it in our store for $89.

Take a glance at features implemented in the module:

Customizable swatches on the frontend
Specify the size of swatch images customers will see on the frontend.

Frontend display swatches

Display a pop-up window on mouse hover
Show attribute variations in the form of a pop-up window when a customer hovers the mouse over the chosen one.

A a pop-up window on mouse hover

AJAX-based reload
The module updates the product name, its description, image and price via AJAX.

Compatibility with AJAX Cart Pro
With AJAX Cart Pro installed, customers avoid numerous page reloads.

Interested in the module and need the complete list of features, more screenshots and demo? Visit the Product Color Swatches page.