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Facebook Link 1.0 finally released!

The social networking power is the recent tendency of online marketing. aheadWorks Co. always swims with the current and today we are glad to announce a long-expected release of Facebook Magento Link.

According to comScore, Facebook is the 2nd most-trafficked social media site and the 6th most-trafficked website in the world what makes Facebook an attractive advertising platform for many business owners. aheadWorks gives you such a possibility to connect your store with one of the most popular social media websites.

Facebook Link makes it easier for customers to invite their friends to your store as there is no need to send emails – posts like "Hey! I've just purchased a great stuff at (your store link)" appear automatically on the customer's wall. You can set the module up so that if a customer logs in your store using Facebook account, every time this person makes a purchase, a post about the order or store is automatically left on the wall. There may be not only the link to your store in the post but the full product title, its price and link to this product.

The high popularity of social networking does you a good turn here – the wall posts can be read not only by the customer's friends but by any person from 250 million Facebook active users all over the world who can follow the link, get into your store and buy something.

Promoting your store with Facebook Link you have a discernible advantage over those who use traditional online advertising methods because 65 million active users access Facebook through their mobile devices and they are twice active than non-mobile users. You would hardly speak to the hearts of those 65 million in any other way.

A post on the wall with the link to your store or product is not a typical advertisement – it is a personal recommendation, an advice, a piece of news shared with friends which is more reliable and sincere than any attractive offer made by a booster. According to recent investigations two thirds of UK online consumers make a purchase in the result of recommendation from a friend. Make your customers promote your store for you!

Find out the Facebook Magento Link features.