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Facebook Link User Guide released!

The Facebook Link extension by aheadWorks is intended to help you promote your online store among your customers' Facebook friends. To turn this easy-to-use software into effective advertisement tool and be one step ahead of your competitors, we advise you to avail yourselves of the Facebook  Magento Link User Guide.

The User Guide provides exhaustive information on the Facebook Link module:

  1. Introducing Facebook Link

  2. Facebook Link Configuration

  3. Creating Facebook Application

  4. Facebook Link in the Frontend

    • Fast login with Facebook

    • Fast sign up with Facebook

    • My Account Page

Thus you can learn how to set up the Facebook Link extension and create Facebook application quickly and easily. You are also able to trace each customer’s step from the moment of logging in to your store (which form to use - Fast login with Facebook or Fast sign up with Facebook, how to allow/refuse from publishing posts on the Facebook Wall, etc.) till the moment of what and when will be published on the Facebook Wall.

Moreover, the User Guide explains how to make some certain information displayed on the Wall - details about items purchased, link to the store or to the product bought - and whether to use predefined variables or insert a link itself.

To download the User Guide as a PDF document, please visit the Facebook Link page.