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FAQ 1.1: Question Submission Forms on FAQ Article Pages

Each Magento store owner has a lot to tell customers, and customers have even more to ask.

That’s really the situation when you can take advantage of the FAQ extension for Magento 2 to the fullest. So, since we clearly understand that many people are in dire need of this functionality, we continue improving this extension regularly and have just recently released a new version of the module.

Below are presented the main features of FAQ 1.1 for Magento 2.

New Functionality


Ask Questions on Article Pages

This function is another step towards close communication with customers and a great opportunity to simplify the whole process of submitting questions.

From now on, customers are able to ask questions directly on article pages. A visitor has to fill three fields: name, email, and question. As soon as the question is submitted, a store admin will receive a email notification (if the corresponding option is enabled in the extension's settings).

The question submission form on an FAQ article page

The question submission form on an FAQ article page

The question submission form can be configured from the backend. The ‘Enable "Ask a question" form on the article pages’ option on the extension configuration page allows you to enable/disable the functionality, while the ‘Email address for the questions from article pages’ makes it possible to provide the destination email that is going to receive the submitted questions.

The general settings page

The General settings page

This way, Magento admins are free either answer the question personally or add it as an individual article on the frontend.

No Search Results Notification

The page with no search results is also displayed a bit differently. Now, customers are redirected to a separate page and can be certainly sure that the module returns no search results rather than doubt server good conditions.

 ‘Who can view FAQ content’

We’d also like to notify our existing customers that we changed the logic of displaying articles for particular customer groups. More specifically, it was inverted. Now, you have to select the groups that are able to see the content rather than to restrict some groups to view certain articles.

And, we accordingly changed the name of the related section from ‘Disable FAQ for Customer Groups’ to ‘Who can view FAQ content’.

Other Features


Extension Refactoring

As a result of this update, we also refactored some extension elements, including the helpfulness block and widget, to make them closely compatible with the Magento recommendations and coding standards.

Advanced Search Integration

And one more thing. Please note that FAQ 1.1 is compatible with Advanced Search 1.0, so now you can easily look for some questions and answers using the on-site search box.


You can try and purchase FAQ 1.1 in our store. For more information, please visit the product page and take advantage of the provided User Manual and demonstration stores.