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Follow Up Email 3.0 released!

Follow Up Email v.3.0 meets the requirements of even the most hard-to-please store owner. A rule creating/editing for follow up email sending has become so flexible that everyone can set it up according to their needs with the help of new events, conditions, template directives and some other opportunities implemented in the latest version.

The new Follow Up Email feature – abandoned carts tracking and restoring for registered customers and guests – allows both registered and non-registered customers to restore their abandoned carts with just one click on the link from the follow up email. The store owners in their turn can track who and when followed this link and – what is even more important – the following order as well.

The aheadWorks extension makes it possible to cover a wider range of your customers’ actions. We have added new events which allow triggering follow up emails when:

    • wishlist was shared;


    • product was added to wishlist;


    • customer came back by link sent;


    • customer has logged in;


    • customer’s birthday;


    • customer’s last activity.

With the considerably enlarged list of events you gain more opportunities to keep in touch with your customers.

To make the rules more flexible and suitable for you, we have implemented the Sales amount condition and the Events cancellation field. The Sales amount condition helps to create rules basing on customer orders total with ability to target recipients who have purchased for more/less or equal to the specified amount. With the Events cancellation field you can specify event(s) canceling already scheduled emails, e.g. the 2nd abandoned cart reminder can be canceled if the visitor comes back after the first one.

Follow Up Email allows you to send test emails, or copies of all outcoming messages. Thus you can check the correctness of templates and variables in split seconds – just send a test email right after its creating or editing!

Store administrators gain an opportunity to preview, delete or immediately send emails from the email queue manually until the emails are sent automatically.

Now the templates have become more flexible as new template directives have been added to template parser by aheadWorks: "foreach" allows listing e.g. all purchased products and other items arrays, "thumbnail" directive contains a product thumbnail.

To view the whole list of Follow Up Email features please visit the extension page.