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Advanced Reports

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To conduct business effectively and efficiently, it’s important to analyze your current activities using up-to-date reports. The Advanced Reports Magento extension allows creating a complete picture of your business situation.

Whether you want to run reports by countries, hours, days of the week or other criteria, the Advanced Reports Magento module is indispensible.

The Advanced Reports v.2.3 release took place today. The new version includes the following bugs fixed:

  • report was not generated if SKU changed

  • chart size in Sales by Country

  • product name changing issue in Bestsellers

  • admin can't change "Number of latest custom date ranges" in Customization

  • incorrect data in "New Accounts" column in Users Activity Report

  • fatal error after StoreView changing in Bestsellers

Besides, all additional units have been updated. Now they are compatible with Advanced Reports v.2.3. While upgrading the extension, don’t forget to update the installed unit(s) as well.

To find the complete module description, please visit the product page of the Advanced Reports extension for Magento.