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Help Desk Ultimate 2.6 with User Guide released!

The new version of the Help Desk Ultimate extension offers you advanced multistore support! Now with a new possibility to create multiple email gateways you can add as many gateways as you need. Moreover, you can assign these gateways to departments what gives you an ability to perfectly tune your support workflow and considerably reduce time on tickets managing.

One more feature which makes work with tickets more flexible is ticket priority. This new option allows you to specify the level of ticket urgency when you for example, reassign ticket to other department. With status changes history feature you will be able to trace the history of all communications!

Tired of spam emails? The improved anti-spam system of Help Desk Ultimate 2.6 can secure help desk departments from losing on unwanted messages processing. Stop the flow of unsolicited emails and receive the help desk tickets only!

Check out other features we’ve prepared for this release

New features implemented in Help Desk Ultimate 2.6:

  • Advanced multistore support

  • Multiple email gateways support

  • Advanced Product Questions extension integration

  • Improved auto-submitters protection

  • Incoming mail attachments support

  • Tickets priority

  • Offensive ticket ID filtering

  • Variables parsing in departments templates

  • Status changes history

  • Tickets grid view speedup

  • SQL queries optimization

  • "Total" field in departments statistics

  • Multistore support for departments statistics

  • New log format - database instead of files, with ability to see the logs in admin grid

  • Log auto-clearing

  • New data storage algorithm

  • External ticket view is now single-column

  • Cron processes start control system, helps to avoid server overloads

The following bugs have been fixed:

  • Memory limit bug

  • 100% php load in some cases while receiving messages from gateway

  • Bot protection sometimes treats human as a bot

  • "Headers already sent" error

  • Some template files are not compatible with disabled PHP short tags

  • Tickets are not auto-assigned to departments in some cases

  • seed.phtml is not IE8 compatible

  • Wrong email for tickets parsed from Product Questions

  • Wrong date appears if ticket status was changed from the list view

  • Simple filters are very slow

  • Minor security fix with attachments

  • Creation of new tickets from email can't be turned off

As you can see Help Desk Ultimate has become even more flexible and a bulk of new possibilities has been added. That’s why we’ve developed Help Desk Ultimate User Guide which will help you to set up this aheadWorks extension maximally efficiently for you online store. In the Guide you will find out how to manage departments and tickets, learn how to integrate the Product Questions extension and standard Magento Contact Form, get the illustrated description of gateways and cron configuration, and much more.

To download free User Guide in PDF and find more information about Help Desk Ultimate, please visit the extension page.