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Help Desk Ultimate 2.0 released

This is a new much improved version of our Magento Help Desk extension. It includes all the features of standard Help Desk extension plus:

Unlimited departments
Each department has a title, email address, and a set of email templates. When submitting a ticket in customer area interface, the user must select a department to which the ticket is submitted to.

Two-way e-mail parsing
Our email parser will automatically convert e-mail messages into tickets or tickets responses. You just need to configure this extension to collect emails from POP3 box at regular intervals (Magento cron jobs file utilized for this purpose and no additional cron setup is needed).A staff user can reply to a ticket by e-mail. This reply will be processed by the e-mail parser, recorded in the help desk and forwarded to the end-user (ticket creator).

Create new tickets by e-mail
Optional feature to convert initial e-mail messages sent to parser mail box into new tickets. Extremely useful for Magento contact form.

Autoexpiration option
Will close tickets without any activity from end-user after specified number of days.

Unlimited departments    
Two-way e-mail parsing    
Create new tickets by e-mail    
Autoexpiration option    
Full integration into Magento admin & customer areas    
Ticket threads and statuses    
File attachments    
Ability to create ticket from admin    
Quatation option in customer and admin areas    
Customizable email notifications for administrator and customer    
Unlimited number of tickets    
Easy to use administration and customer interfaces    
Complete history of all communications    
Easy copy-and-run installation    
Price $159 $99