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Help Desk Ultimate comparison guide

Due to a high number of requests for comparison of Help Desk Ultimate with other available help desk and support suites we decided to release this guide.

Good customer support is half the battle. That’s why online store owners are in demand of bug-free, easy to install & use extension with good support. We know that you spend lots of time searching the most suitable solution. aheadWorks eased this task for you. We have analyzed 4 helpdesk extensions:

    • Kayako eSupport is a help desk software package, offering ticketed support and e-mail management;


    • eTicket by eTicketSupport is a PHP-based electronic support ticket system that can receive tickets via email or a web form;


    • Cerberus Helpdesk by WebGroup Media LLC is a fast and flexible CRM toolkit;


    • Help Desk Ultimate by aheadWorks Co. is a perfect customer care and support solution for ecommerce sites based on Magento.

Kayako eSupport is a well-known support solution with rich functionality. It gives a wide range of opportunities for tickets support activity (both user and administrator area) – pre-defined ticket responses, statuses and priorities, ticket locking, customizable ticket listing, etc. In spite of the large amount of advantages Kayako eSupport has one essential disadvantage – it is not Magento-integrated. The solution of this problem will definitely require additional expended time and money.

eTicket helps to solve a number of problems – it has filters to remove messages in replies, a number of predefined answer responses, email alerts compatible with pagers. Having your choice stopped at this free module, don't forget to buy Magento interface extension – Ticketlink. Hence one more problem appears – support. Probably you can have some support on eTicket linking product, but you are face to face with eTicket itself since it's an open source product and no support is included. Such features as customer profile integration, orders linking, guest tickets and many others that need higher level of integration with Magento are unlikely be achieved by 3rd party linking solutions.

Cerberus Helpdesk – a browser-based helpdesk – allows you to create as many personalized workspaces as you want, to capture feedback as it happens, to share tickets by groups, to preview the content of the ticket and many other useful things. At the same time you won't be able to create new tickets by e-mail or quote in customer and admin areas. This extension has the same disadvantage as Kayako eSupport and eTicket – it is not Magento-integrated as well.

Help Desk Ultimate by aheadWorks Co. is a turnkey solution for Magento which you can run in several minutes – it requires no additional software. With Help Desk Ultimate you'll get copy-and-run installation with full integration into your Magento-based online shop. Easy to use administration and customer interfaces save working time of your support dept and money on staff learning. We encourage feedback from our customers and we have implemented all the most demanded features since the first release.

aheadWorks Co. guarantees:

    • qualified customer support – one-business-day answer to any your question;


    • 30-day money back – aheadWorks will surely return your money in the case of dissatisfaction with the product;


    • bug-free solution – with Help Desk Ultimate you get stability warranted by a great number of installations.

The important constituent of all extensions is their update. Let's observe the average periodicity of above-listed modules upgrade in 2009:

    • Kayako eSupport – once in 3-4 months;


    • eTicket – oops! Recent release was in October 2008;


    • Cerberus Helpdesk – once in 3-4 months;


    • Help Desk Ultimate – once a month.

Upgrade frequency illustrates the degree of company's responsibility and the level of product's development. The facts speak for themselves – you are free to compare, decide and choose.

Please visit Help Desk Ultimate Magento to observe the whole list of features.