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Highlight Products in a Showy Way

It’s important not to let your clients get bored during tiresome attempts to find something worthy among hundreds of products in your Magento store. You can help them drawing their attention to the most popular items that can satisfy their requirements.

Featured Products 3

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The Featured Products 3 Magento extension will attract your visitors by catchy elements of website design and appealing presentation. The module will make your site stand out and lure customers to explore the features and benefits of your products.

Today we are happy to announce the release of Featured Products 3 v.3.4.

The following bugs have been fixed in new 3.4 version of the Featured Products 3 Magento module:

  • problem with generating random products block at big stores

  • incorrect CSS list style when inserting via widget

  • problem with adding products with MAP options

Learn more about the extension features on the Featured Products 3 page.