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Improve your Magento site - make users' life easier

No matter what kind of store you’re running, or what kind of goods you’re selling - turning visitors into customers is the main goal of every online business owner. So if you’re getting enough targeted traffic but aren’t making many sales, it’s time to try to identify the potential hot spots and improve your site. What always works – is to make user’s life easier. The more difficult it is to use a web site, the less people buy.

#1 Keep buying process comfortable


AJAX Cart Pro
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While surfing store pages and adding items to cart, the majority of customers face the problem of annoying page reloads that frequently occur when they click the “Add to cart” and “Delete from cart” buttons.

So always make sure that the process of buying is comfortable for your customers. It’ll keep only the positive emotions from purchased goods and increase the number of returning customers.

To achieve the desired result, use the AJAX Cart Pro Magento extension. With AJAX Cart Pro, your customers can add and remove products from the shopping cart without clicking the ‘update’ button. And what is more important - with each addition or deletion, only the shopping cart is refreshed. It’ll help avoid the inconveniences of waiting for pages to reload, so the customer can continue shopping without pauses.

#2 Minimize the number of steps while checkout

A fundamental rule in e-commerce is to make the buying process as quick and easy as possible.

The more stages there are for the checkout, the longer it takes to fill in all the forms with additional information, the more likely the customers are to be frustrated and leave your store.

The One Click Checkout extension for Magento is a great solution for this case. It allows your customers to skip the annoying checkout steps.

Now there is no need to click, click and click the “Continue” button to get through store checkout process. This Magento extension allows your shoppers to checkout directly from the “product” or “cart page”- with a single click of a button.



#3 Go with the times


iPhone Theme
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Consumers respond positively to businesses that spend time to understand their needs. Mobile technology allows businesses to become more service-oriented.

Mobile commerce is set to be one of the fastest growing outlets, so you can’t ignore the need of a mobile-friendly version of your Magento store anymore.

And we have 2 excellent solutions for you to offer: iPhone Theme and Mobile Order Tracking.

Our iPhone Theme for Magento makes shopping in your store fast and easy.

It automatically detects the device used for browsing your website and switches your store to the mobile or desktop mode.

The Magento iPhone Theme supports all the widespread platforms - iPhone\Android\BlackBerry\Windows Phone.

A brand new Mobile Order Tracking for Magento is the best solution for improving customer service.

This module will let your customers track the shipment and payment statuses all the way through the delivery process. It can be done via mobile devices or desktop computers.

The Mobile Order Tracking extension includes a variety of useful features: real-time access to statuses, ability to see shipment and payment statuses without logging-in, ability to attach multiple tracking numbers to one shipment, and many other great options.

The Mobile Order Tracking Magento extension is compatible with the most popular mobile operating systems and supports all popular Internet browsers.

Our goal is to provide you with powerful Magento tools to transform your online stores into high-profit generators, so aheadWorks wishes you the very best of luck in all your endeavors.